Why am I awake at this insane hour?

Jesus, it is 5am, I been up an hour now, what in the fuck?!

**********I moved AWAY from the hood, dammit!!!**********
Yesterday, I was in my living room with the binoculars, as I usually am when there are people in the park, thinking "damn she got a big ass, shit damn, her too!" After that I put them down and came back here to the computer, once I was sure that my car audio was safe from the outsiders... I live in a neighborhood full of 70-somethings, literally the ones who raised my mother, as I live 3 doors down from my granny, and have had a breakin (ironically, as I type this, one year ago to date) that cost me a sub and amp.
That is beside the point, there was a girl with a big ass and her big ass friend in the park...
30 or so minutes later, my next door neighbor/sister calls me and tells me to look out into the park.
Outside, I witnessed the going on of a ghetto-ass Easter egg hunt, complete with the adults directing their own kids to where the eggs were and their collecting them in Food Lion bags. Consultation of my trusty binoculars revealed that a couple of the children revealed fully ghetto hairdos, some of which fully wrapped up and NOT to be marred before chu'uch in the morning (that would be today, for those keeping score).

I died a little bit.

**********New rules, I think**********
Apparently, if there is anything that is marginally racist and YOU construe it as such, then it is because YOU are racist, as anyone who is non-racist can see it through non-racist eyes.
This change of the rules will largely alter what is acceptable in entertainment mediums moving forward now. I look forward to the day where the most vile and deplorable shit can be said on television and radio, and things that are generally culturally unacceptable can be explained off in this manner...
There will be the "2009 Holocaust Movie," where it is explained off as "I am not anti-Semitic, I just wanted to kill a large group of people who happened to be Jewish, perhaps it is YOU who is anti-Semitic."
Then comes "The Rape Movie," wherein our protagonist explains "The sex was consensual to me, if you did not think so, then perhaps it is YOU who raped ME!"
The US PATRIOT act will remain unchanged and individuals of terrorist descent will continue to be harrassed for nothing as it is.

Man, the possibilities are endless. I look forward to the release of these movies, and of course with the shifting standards of what is acceptable, they will not be censored or otherwise hamstrung by ratings, which means that an NC-17 will not keep them out of theaters. They will challenge the rating of movies for the rest of forever.

Not really people. You know who you are, get a clue and grow the fuck up.

*********The end of an era...**********
I am thinking that I am reaching the end of the line with my beard, it is nearing time for me to cut back to the mustache and goatee...
... I think.

No, I am pretty sure of it. I will trim it once more this weekend or sometime this week, then I will keep it on when I go to Atlanta at the end of the month, then I will send it away when I come back..
It's been a nice run, but I am getting a bit tired of having to comb the hair on my face every damned morning before I leave for work. Considering that I am not the hair combing type, this is beginning to become some ol' bullshit.

**********She got that GOOD hair**********

**********Speaking of pern...**********
Back in January, I was raping and pillaging a Reality Kings password I had happened upon one day in December. As of the beginning of February, that ship had sailed and I had to go back to the drawing board.
In my search for another pass to RK, I happened upon one for Mofos.com, which I have been milking for all it is worth to this point.
The problem, though, is that I could not tell you WHEN the sumbitch will expire or be caught, nor can I recall what it was in order to share with interested friends, since it is now saved in my browser until that day that I expect it to stop working.

... so don't ask for it.

**********Since I am awake, and church is not for a few more hours...**********
... I will run down the readily available 1/43 and 1/64 models...
As is usual with me, this is not a complete list of them, as some are in storage places elsewhere in the house, or at Granny's. Noteworthy as well is the fact that I usually get more EVERY time I set foot inside of Wal Mart or Target, which is not terribly difficult when one considers the fact that 1/64 hotwheels are only $0.97.
They also, at that price, serve as a PERFECT reward to a certain 5 year old in exchange for behaving in school.

"Brit Speed":

2010 Ford Mustang:

1970 Chevelle SS396 WAGON:

(do WANT!!!)

"La Fasta":

Volkswagen Type 181 (known in US as the Volkswagen "Thing"):

Porsche Carrera GT:

1969 Chevelle:

(no SS396, no wagon? yaaaaaaaaaaawn!!!)

Custom V-8 Chevy Vega:

AMC Javelin AMX:

1979 Dodge Demon:

Nissan Skyline GTR R32:

"Fast FeLion":

"5 Alarm"

Custom 1941 Willys Coupe:

Yes, I know I already have 1:18s of these, but fuck you I wanted 1:55s too...
Mach 5 and Shooting Star:

Aston Martin DB7, came with the DVD:

Datsun 510 Bluebird:

1970 Buick GSX:

Ferrari 250 GTO:

Buick Grand National:

Ford GT40:

2001 B Engineering Edonis:

Datsun 510:

Nissan 350Z:

(yes, it was me that painted the wheels black)

Nissan Sil-80:

Nissan Skyline GTR R32 "Nitekids":

2002 GM "Autonomy" concept:

1965 Corvette Convertible:

Yes, another one... This one came with the DVD:
Mach 5 pullback:

Nissan 350Z Police Car:

Mercedes Benz CLK LM:

1964 Buick Riviera:

Cadillac "V-16"

It seems like a bit of a rag-tag bunch as a collection on the whole, but trust that there is a method to my madness... My plans are to acquire all 42 of the "2009 New Models" collection, which will require that I make notes to myself and NOT buy the same ones again, like I did with the 2 that I gave to Nicholas yesterday.

If I had known that taking those ones out of the packaging would be a bad thing for collectibility, then I probably wouldn't have done it. If it hadn't happened 3-5 years past and likely under the influence of alcohol, then I might feel bad about it... Live and learn, I guess.
... yes, addict behaviors are my thing, and model cars are definitely one of my addictions.


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