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Black History Month

Starting tomorrow, I will embark on a project in which I chronicle one item from black history that coincides with each day of Black History Month. Hopefully this will cover up the fact that this is only my 3rd post of the entire month of January as well. None will be in any assigned chronological order other than the day of the month, meaning some items that happened in the 1800s will be discussed AFTER those that did in the 1980s. As ever with me, things will vary from the very whimsical to the serious and VERY poor taste, and I am unapologetic to anyone who I might offend. One post daily on topic/series, and if anything happens in between that interests me, expect to see it. "On topic" posts will have a date in the title.

Russian (?!) automotive pr0ns -- Marussia B2

What I do know: Marussia is a Russian sportscar manufacturer, and that the B-cars (B1, B2) are the very first premium vehicles made by a Russian company... Constructed of carbon fiber and other expensive-ass elements, the cars are sold with up to "only" (heh) 420 horsepower. Available only with automatic transmissions, the manual ones are to come at a later date... Mid-engine/rear wheel drive, they are apparently planning to keep production under 3000 units at an expected cost of about €100,000 – or roughly $146000 in our own terms. Enough of the words, no one reads this shit anyway... On with the images.