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True Story©… The New-New Dating Game

       I don’t know how good y’all are with math but after splitting with my ex-wife someone I had a wedding with once, I became a single man.   Years removed from the old dating game (no pun intended) , I was not prepared for a world wherein “dating apps” were a thing.   I mean, sure I had heard of them in the time I was off the market but the concept of being on one was foreign to me. Foreign or no, they were a new reality that I had to learn to navigate and I gave it a go… … and struck out…      No need to dig into the gory details of things, just know that re-entering that world from where I had been was like someone returning from a prison bid (pun intended) .   You ever seen a dude come home from a few years in prison and not have a fucking clue on what the world had become while he was locked away?   He wants you to run him over to the Cingular store in the mall to get his Palm Treo reactivated and score a few Fubu outfits while you’re over there. It’s 2022 for 2 more days

True Story©... Moe Phillips: Inadvertent Homewrecker

     Soon after separation, but before divorce, I was only about half-serious about dating.  To be honest, I gave about a fuck about dating to be honest and didn’t really want to be around people except to make sex, and then get on with my life. I was also TERRIBLY bored of it all and mildly annoyed with even THAT go of it, so I sometimes made a point of poisoning some situations just to see how far I could take it. Not with EVERY woman I met, mind you, just the ones I really saw nothing – not even a quick roll in the hay – with.  Enter Moe Phillips: Supervillain Esq…      I didn’t address every woman I encountered as Moe.  In fact, I generally maintained two profiles, one as Phillip [redacted] and one as Moe Phillips .  I didn’t catfish anyone; just know that I have looked like three different people in my adult life… -    Me with dreads and could be bothered to shave/trim every couple of days. -    Me, still with dreads and--…  Fuck that shaving shit. -    Me withou