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More Questions

Of course I would have a long list of questions, I haven't done one of these in a little while now... Why is it that the one day the weather would have cooperated with me, allowing me 30-40 uninterrupted minutes of non-rain, Time Warner Cable FINALLY sent someone to bury the cable in my back yard and I couldn't fucking do it? Speaking of cutting my grass... Why is it that I was worried about being the one whose yard would always need to be cut among the houses on either side of me, yet even in the unkempt raining-daily-for-a-week shagginess of it, my grass still appears to be in the best shape, yet it is still KILLING me? Why do I long for the days when I had a job that didn't make every move to make it look like it hated me? Is it wrong that whenever I ask anyone something and they preempt answering what I asked with what they chose to answer first, I make them repeat not only what they offered, but what the fuck I asked for as well? I am wondering what I can get as the ne

"Best blogger alive!"

There, see how asinine that sounded? I'm going to (kind of) talk about our good-ol' hip hop music again today... I am led to remember when one was qualified as the "best rapper alive" because they ACTUALLY were damned good rappers, and not because they had a grasp on the collective ignorance of the buying/listening public enough to sell more copies than those who were actually better than -- but not properly marketed, comparatively speaking -- than them. Vanilla Ice sold 11 MILLION copies of To The Extreme and Hammer sold over 10 MILLION copies of Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em -- both of which I owned copies of back when I was 10 -- and I don't recall either of them running around claiming to be the "best rapper alive," nor do I see either of them running around now these days behaving as if they still even fucking matter in music these days, though Rob Van Winkle showed how insignificant he was in Reality TV on VH1, who has made stars of lit


*****Really?!!?***** This is really what it has come to? What ya'll DON'T realize is that at the gas station right up the block, there was a guy in a robe with a sandwich board sign that said "suck some dick for gas," it was the weirdest thing. *****For the sake of normalcy...***** Gimme my coffee bitch!!! And yes, I make it right here at the house. See, I am newly poor and cannot afford Starbucks, or even McDonald's coffee, so I make to the Wal Marts and get the Maxwell House $6.00 sale price, I try to grab one every time it is on sale: Normally, I go with the Columbian, but somehow these fuckers decided to try to get cute and NOT put that one on sale, right next to EVERY other flavor, all of which were. I selected South Pacific Blend, so as to still have a medium dark roast, without having to get the bitterish French blend. No, I do not drink my coffee black, it must be whitened about the complexion of a light skinnded person, and properly flavored. The flavor o

In the kitchen with Phlip -- Jambalaya (again-like)

I know I have done this before , but I can blog it again because This is MY blog, not yours. and I am switching it up a little bit this time. Never mind the fact that this is something I could do a million times and never do it exactly the same each time. I decided that I would use the standard of rice this time around instead of the penne pasta, as I did last time. This IS not because I had rice and not pasta, but more because I felt like using it this time. Other variations will be noted as they come about in the presentation. Let us start by naming the tool kit to be used this time around... (NEW SHIT!!!) 1 cup, soy beans (happened to have them in the fridge, it was either use or dispose of) The other half of the bunch of parsley from last week's pasta. 1 pound shrimp, you choose your size, but I am not willing to pull the tails off of more than 41-60 1 pound, sausage. You can use pork sausage, which leaves you open to andouille or however the fuck you spell that, but I don'

Observations from a proud straight male

Is "zesty" the new "hardcore"? First thing's first, it should be apparent to anyone reading this who may have missed the word used before, what "zesty" means. Word to Simon Stone... I am inclined to recall back in the best years of hip hop, like before it was on it's deathbed as it has been for the past several years now that men would do manly things. Sparring verbally and sometimes physical altercation would take place as a result. Joe Budden getting his face chipped notwithstanding, it seems that no one is terribly interested in these things these days. I couldn't breakdance for shit and while we weren't "poor," we couldn't afford for me to have an enormous Radio Raheem boombox with "20 D batteries," so I was left to witness and come to love what I loved about hip hop, as a musical genre and the spillover to hip hop as a lifestyle as well, which I gladly embraced, being a product of my generation/environment. Bei

Do you know what tomorrow is?

According to Smithsonian Magazine , it is National Museum Day, and HUNDREDS of museums nationwide are participating in it by allowing free entrance with the download of the ticket to do so, which allows you and one guest. How about we all make a point of trying to make it out to something educational for a change, instead of sitting around bitching about whatever we were bitching about on the internets and forwarding around the no-longer-funny "I'mma let you finish" pictures of Kenya West? I know I printed my ticket, you should do the same.

Classic Japanese Automotive Pr0ns -- Datsun 510

Now, I will have to qualify this one as "pr0nographic to me, at least" when I consider that most of both of my readers will not give a damn about, or might even turn their noses up at the Datsun Bluebird 510, but I like what I like. Fact, here is that if I could find a 510 in good non-rusted shape with decent enough body panels and running well enough to last a couple or few months before changing out an engine in it, I would IMMEDIATELY sell my 240SX and change projects. The car is boxy, yes. Changes in tastes have served that for some reason, I actually LIKE that about it. It is so "uncool," when one considers sense of the word "cool," that it is actually cool in how it can't try to be. Manufactured from 1968 to 1973 and a few rumored remakes, they were blessed (HA!) with engines ranging from 77 (L13) to 105 (L18) horses, which was more than serviceable in late-60s/early-70s terms, but would SURELY need replacement/enhancement in 2009 terms. As thing