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Michael Bay Must Die -- a rant

Okay, so I gave him a pass when it was said that he would be handling the Transformers franchise of movies. Sure, he had laid the unwatchable rotten eggs that were Pearl Harbor , Mystery Men and Armageddon , but had also given us the Bad Boys films as well. Coyote Ugly wasn’t very good either, but the T&A aspect was apparently the saving grace in my then 21-year-old mind. Bastardization of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre , Friday the 13 th and Nightmare on Elm St franchises have shown audiences that Michael Bay is obsessed with 3 things, apparently. Explody/blowuppy slow-motion scenes Titties Aliens Left to my own devices, I have no problem with ANY of that. As kids, we were fine with the Transformers as robots from a land that we did not understand, but did not need to have a reason for their existence as long as we got good cartoons and bomb-ass toys out of it. To make a movie out of them, though, Michael Bay had to make them into “alien life forms.” Fair enough, h