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True Story©... The Big Payoff pt X

“this orgy ain’t fun no more…” (if only I’d have known how prophetic those words would become)      The funny thing about the government getting involved in shit is how quick they are to complain about the media meddling in shit while pretending not to know that the media is the VERY official but unstated fourth branch of the government. But let them be the one driving the narrative and the media they just hated are their best fucking friends.      I got shook down and, let’s face it, robbed by two rogue FBI inspectors who quite apparently entered no paperwork on their interaction with me as they tried to get my source of income and not do what was right by the American people as far as national security goes.  And I KNOW I was dead wrong… …  at least I know now.  When I was at it, all I knew is that I was trying to make the best of a bad situation of my own design.  Domestic and international laws were really the least of my concerns. I should probably me

True Story© Black Eyewitness Guy

     I think we can ALL agree that we collectively dislike 'black eyewitness guy'… If you need a refresher on just who that is, let’s let Eddie and Huey bring us up to speed. For those of us who grew up in or near the hood, we’re used to having the news around when some ill shit happens to pop off.  Let there be a police chase, a shooting, a stabbing, some local government corruption, a dogfighting ring gets busted up, a city councilman caught getting topped off by an MLK street walker on the corner of McGee St and Cedar in the front seat of his Suburban in 1998 (or was that 99?) ; the fake news media is COMING out.      When I was little, I used to think it was exciting to be on the news and would gravitate to the camera when they were wherever we were at a given time and HOPED they would ask me a question so I could be on TV that night. When I grew up, though, I learned this distaste for the media for the shit that they decided that our neighbor