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Welcome to Some houskeeping

     It was brought to my attention Wednesday and again yesterday that a couple of things that I thought were pretty obvious were not so much so… With that, I will spend a few words this morning explaining them. 1 – I believe in continuity and make a point of supporting it with tags and links back to prior posts or to whatever outside element will clarify a statement.   Links will look like this  and will be set to open in a new tab/window so you don't lose your spot in a post. Tags can be found under every post: [Note: tags will be both topical and comical, so don’t be alarmed] 2 – Only those who KNOW know what and what not to accept as bare-assed truth, with the exception of food posts.  Remember that I have a jacked up sense of humor and sometimes laugh at real shit and we’re all good.  When you want to come at my neck for supporting R. Kelly   (<-- almost="" got="" i="" killed="" me="" one="