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Go on a Money Diet

     As I try to be more responsible in my adulting, I find myself coming up with, or simply employing things I have heard, into my saving routine.  This one here is one I’ve previously used to ramp myself up to something nonessential that I may find myself wanting to throw cash at a ways down the road.  This is not a quick-and-fast savings scheme.  That said, don’t expect to necessarily get rich off of this. I call it The Money Diet.      I know that sounds like a silly-ass name, but it is simply what I came up with to call it when I first tried it about 3 years ago. It is really a simple thing to do in theory, once you work yourself up to it psychologically.  That last part though…       When you leave your house in the morning, things you should expect to have to spend money on should be paid for with cash.  When you are going to make this purchase, you basically plan not to pay exact change – especially for your first expenditure of the day – and know that you wi