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By hook, or by hook, or by hook... Internet Spam rappers

Among other things, one of my day jobs/pastimes is as one of 5 Admins over a web forum that, as of when I type this, has 106,310 members. You can imagine the amount of traffic a forum of that stature does in a normal day, which makes it quite the valued resource to members and advertisers. Unfortunately this leaves it as a value to spammers as well, and lord knows the Bot Network is HARD at work, as we bust up your standard “unlocked cellphone,” “ED drugs,” “streaming content” and “replica clothes/jewels” posts on the daily. Suffice it to say that I KNOW what an annoyance it is to be sold something that I have not agreed to be sold. I mean, I watch sporting events fully understanding that there will be advertisements all over the arenas and commercials every 5-9 minutes. That said, when I go to FaceBook or Twitter from my desktop, the last thing I want is to be inundated with link after link after link after post about your music site, about your “best hip-hop blog o

Billy Bobb the Boss

Much has been said about BAWSE rapper Rick Ross and his choice for a rap name, considering that he chose to use the name of someone who was at the time serving a sentence for selling crack to turn and sell made-up stories about his own life while selling crack. There is no secret that Ross’ (the rapper, not the crack peddler) real name is William Roberts. In the scheme of things, and among the nicknaming convention, that would be shortened to “Billy Bob.” Ever the silly-ass, I thought to myself that perhaps he would be better served to have used the “Billy Bob” moniker to rap under. Now to why this is so silly… The natural first-to-mind when we think of “Billy Bob” is the dude who quite probably bumped uglies with Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball . However, if you grew up in what is now the 336 areas of North Carolina back when it was still the 910 (and then 919) area of North Carolina, and are at least 29 years of age by my estimation then you remember “Billy Bobb” as this