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Bullshit, resolved

Well, I guess it was clear there was fire streaming from my ears in anger from my last post, huh? More on that in a minute... Katie had a bad tire on Thursday, which I helped her with, then we went to a used tire place, where the tire was replaced. ... that tire promptly went flat when she got to class that night. She got a tow home, and a ride to and from work on Friday, when I was to swing by after work and put air in the tire just to see if it would hold it, and it did not, so we planned on her hitching a ride with a classmate on Saturday, after which we would go BACK to the tire place, where the guys exchanged it without further drama. The remainder of Saturday was cool, we went to eat, then to kick it with her best friend and her fiance for a little while, then home we would head. Sunday morning, I return to my own home, in wait for the word from my brother as to whether or not we would head out and do any lawn work... His decision was that it would be too muddy, so I made myself

Bullshit, defined...

I will paraphrase the correspondence that I received and exchanged to explain my situation, in a manner that most reading this may expect of me. NC Dept of Revenue (not the FEDERAL IRS, mind you): "Mr. Evans, you did not file your 2003 taxes... Me: "bullshit, homie... I took 3 months off in 03 due to damn near dying (literally, mind you), but still worked $4800 worth of overtime in the 9 months I worked... I filed and got money back, remember? DOR: "No, we don't, show us" Me: "Wait, what? Y'all GAVE ME MONEY BACK, WHY CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT?!!?" DOR: "We don't see that, show us..." Me: "dude, I have moved since then, I can't find the shit" DOR: "Show us..." Me: "dude, I even RE filed it for the second time when you audited in 2006, y'all gave me money then too, remember?" DOR: "nope, show us that too" Me: "is English your first language? I don't HAVE it, and YOU

Showing off my toys!!! (well, not all of them, but several)

... or at least run through it from what I have that is not in storage currently. Yes, I am that lazy. In no particular order of acquisition. Old School (think Michael Keaton) Batmobile: 1965 Pontiac GTO Hurst Edition: (yes, this car, the real life one, will be my resto project when I win the lottery) 1954 Mercedes Benz SL: Mercedes Benz CLK GTR: Chrysler ME Four Twelve Concept: Maserati Trofeo: Nissan 350Z: 1965 Shelby Cobra: Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v: 1998 London Taxi: Speed Racer Mach 5: Racer X Shooting Star: 1955 Mercedes Benz SLR Mille Miglia: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R: BMW R1200 GS: Benelli Tornado Tre 1130: Suzuki GSXR-1000: Audi R8: Aprilia RSV R1000: I have all the little ones out of where they were originally being stored, but they immediately went into a box and placed out of the reach of my little buddy... My thing is that I reward him with hotwheels and matchbox cars when he behaves himself in school, and I fear that he will think that one that I clearly bought for me was

Oops, my bad and shit...

**********"There's no such thing as an ugly baby..."********** ... is something that people of a few positions say: People too chickenshit to tell their family/friends that they have ugly babies. People who, for whatever reason, take a liking to believing bullshit. These people are usually female and probably believe the crap perpetuated by Disney movies. People with ugly babies. A better approach to this might not be a lie to someone who may so happen to have given birth to a gremlin. ... or some other hideous deformity that they may be trying to pass off as an infant. Sure, it may be less than acceptable to immediately yell "GOT DAYUM!!!" when they pull back the cover to show you the child in that stroller, but please please PLEASE don't try to sell them the dream. Yes, people, there IS a such thing as an ugly baby. **********What... The... FUCK?!!?********** While making my normal rounds this morning, I saw where someone wrote in to an advice column on ho

Dear Mr. Pope... You are an idiot

Everyone knows me, I kill 8-10 hours or more of my day on the internets, be the time be spent at home or at work... As I have previously stated, my order of open FireFox tabs is Gmail, Zilvia, MSN, Alternet, my blog and my RSS Reader. Anything other than that is an expendable option and will eventually be closed soon after use, where all the others will be refreshed and continually used EVERY single day of my life while working. Late in the day today (as I type this sentence at 3:52pm EST), I noticed this story , in which the current pope is apparently continuing the last one's approach that condoms are not the answer to Africa's fight against HIV and AIDS. In fact, I will spare you from having to click out of here and reading the story, I will copy/paste it here for you. updated 49 minutes ago YAOUNDE, Cameroon - Condoms are not the answer to Africa's fight against HIV, Pope Benedict XVI said Tuesday as he began a weeklong trip to the continent. It was the pope's first

"Whatever, Hater"

Not gonna keep y'all too long this time, folks. **********"Whatever, Hater."********** I have only been on the internet, due to simple necessity, for recreation only since about 1999ish, I think. Down through the time, I have notice just how shittily, as a result of interactions via computer, people handle one another. Not even to beat the dead horse of the abandonment of the English language, but it seems as though ANY argument can be drawn to a clear and decisive close with but 2 words... "whatever, hater..." See, the apparent prevailing feeling by the (over)users of the word "whatever," is that when it is said, that they apparently care so little about whatever tiny thing you could POSSIBLY have to say to them, no matter how valid it ACTUALLY may be, is literally invalid. No mind is, nor should there be any, paid to how asinine what they're actually saying is. Once a "whatever" is introduced, it is game over, with the victory to the wh

March 4 -- National Grammar Day

No, I am not making this up. In fact, here is a link: National Grammar Day: Brought to you by the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar Let us not pluralize words using apostrophes. Let us capitalize the first word in sentences and offer proper punctuation at the end of them. Let us PLEASE separate thoughts into coherent paragraphs and least try to properly spell words we use. Avoid rap music. For me, I would like to take this a little further, perhaps off into our spoken lives as well. For instance, last month was February, and the r in that word is not silent. The budget deficit is "huge," and the h in that word is NOT silent. "Salmon" is good fucking fish, and the l in that word IS silent. Did you guys know that people HONESTLY look at you different and more positively when you properly punctuate and spell, properly enunciate spoken language and you abandon the whole "it's just the iNtaRWebz, who karez?" aesthetic? Think of it, look at this sent

Snowy days

**********I live in North Carolina...********** ... ... and it is March... WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?!!? ... first attempt at making it to work has been aborted, I will try again shortly, after we've had some sun on us. 5 inches... I made it to work at 5 minutes til 11... ... ... my bighead girlfriend only left her place today to go to the store after I told her the roads were clear... I'ma whoop her ass for telling me that. Well, not really, but it was funny to say. **********Came the fuck up...********** Saturday, early in my day with my Katie, between breakfast and the Natural Science Center, we stopped by Tuesday Morning at the behest of a friend/sometimes business partner in search of model cars. Apparently, Tuesday Morning is a seller of factory seconds and/or closeouts and unsold lots from other retailers, bought in bulk and sold at deep discounts. In such, they have some of everything, furniture, non-perishable foods, bedclothes, jewelry, decorations and toys. Now, you