Bullshit, resolved

Well, I guess it was clear there was fire streaming from my ears in anger from my last post, huh?
More on that in a minute...

Katie had a bad tire on Thursday, which I helped her with, then we went to a used tire place, where the tire was replaced.
... that tire promptly went flat when she got to class that night. She got a tow home, and a ride to and from work on Friday, when I was to swing by after work and put air in the tire just to see if it would hold it, and it did not, so we planned on her hitching a ride with a classmate on Saturday, after which we would go BACK to the tire place, where the guys exchanged it without further drama.
The remainder of Saturday was cool, we went to eat, then to kick it with her best friend and her fiance for a little while, then home we would head.
Sunday morning, I return to my own home, in wait for the word from my brother as to whether or not we would head out and do any lawn work... His decision was that it would be too muddy, so I made myself some breakfast and a pot of coffee before I went to the gym.
On the table was my mail from Saturday, my not having been home for 20 hours of the day helped me to miss it, and it was a letter from the Dept. Of Revenue -- a taxpayer's copy to me -- explaining to my employer that they are to release garnishment on me, as my due to the state of NC had been satisfied...

This was set into motion when I was home on the 13th and called to the DoR for like the millionth time through this whole process to question just how long this buttrape would continue... I was advised that it would be what would equate to about 7.5-8 more months based on the amount that I was stated to owe. When I asked if there was ANYTHING I could do to stop the bleeding, I was advised to fax a copy of my 2003 W2 forms in, which I did within 15 minutes of my phonecall with her...
I called right back and asked when I should expect some correspondence of resolution, and was advised to wait a couple of weeks, which I saw as only fair, knowing that it IS tax time and they likely spend major man hours ruining peoples' lives like this. I planned that I would call them on April 1, as I would be off on that day as well, to follow up... Well, the letter coming on Saturday, dated the 25th was the most pleasant of surprises, because that clearly frees up moneys that I would normally be able to blow on model cars, stuff for my car, hookers and cocaine.
... okay, maybe not the hookers and cocaine, but you get it.

-- Let's get back to this week, not 3 weeks ago, shall we?

I decided that I would STILL be calling on Wednesday to see how much, if any, I would be receiving back as a result of their fuckup in this case...
... but I am a dipshit...
Last night, I prepared my lunch for today, then this morning in the shower I had a bevy of ideas for Preston and I to make some money this spring and summer, and was excited by them, so I ran out the door and left my lunch, I was more than halfway to work before I thought about it, I wasn't turning back.
"Well, fuck it, I guess I will just call them and follow up on lunch, then..." I thought.
I called and got Cynthia, now the 5th person I have spoken with in 3 weeks, and asked very simply "I got the letter informing that the garnish was satisfied, I would like to know how much, if anything, I am due back from this?"
I was informed that I will be getting moneys back totalling $2896.08, but that it will not be coming all in one check.
I thanked her, informed her that she had made my month and ended the phonecall. I was fucking ECSTATIC, this will allow me enough cash to get the car painted, get the wheels I been looking at, pay down the credit cards I been living off of through this shit and pay off our cruise, and STILL have a decent amount of money in my pockets to actually begin saving again.

Well hell, it seems that things are looking up.


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