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True Story©... The Internship

     Man, we still talking about THIS shit? I guess as long as it stays current events, the shit just ain’t going away, huh.      Y’all remember when I got fired last month for staring at, and then mentioning titties and no one came to assist me with the PayPal donations? [ link ] What about now?      Anyway… After that ordeal, no one offered me any money to help with my situation and I am still wrangling with Wells Fargo over conditions with which to keep my house and creating tricks to save and make money back during my shopping haul over the Christmas season. [ Phlip note : this would be made easier if more people would share my posts and click on ads, y’know]      One contact I did receive was from a small production company looking to publish and make some online shorts in hopes of one day getting a show on a big network somewhere somehow.  They had a small staff and SOME grant money, but after reading my writing they offered to bring me in to work with t

True Story© Fund Raising

     Social media ruins lives… No, really!  We say and do things on Facebook and Twitter that we would NEVER say out in the world and especially not in mixed company.  Sure, people are quick to brag how real they are in real life, but these are undeniable facts, you just NEVER are as much of what you claim, or perhaps even think you are on the social networks.      So what does this have to do with anything? Thanks for asking!      Friday morning, I got to work.  Got my coffee together, ate my breakfast and settled in at my desk with my music player and earbuds.  I’m listening to my music, minding my own business.  Hard nipples on a cool fall morning A coworker comes to my desk to small talk, hell it’s Friday – payday even.  I guess I will play along a bit. Hard nipples  Coworker: “What’s up, Phillip?” Me: “Not a lot, getting in here about to knock this day out and roll on for the weekend.” HN CW: “Any plans?” Me: “Nah, I been busy as heck all month, I am goi