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True Story©... The Big Payoff pt XII

“You do NOT want to hear the punchline to that joke…” I TRIED to warn that asshole.      Standing in the former parking lot of a months-ago-razed factory/former department store. Watching a group of crazy non-agent SWAT team run off with my coal bag, willfully unaware that it won’t produce without me. The federal agents selected to bail me OUT of this shit in their car and leaving me to my own. I am pretty much standing here holding my dick. How did they pull this shit off at 4:23 in the afternoon?  No time for that, I need to get in my car and cry like a little bitch with a skinned knee figure out my next moves.  I know I am PROBABLY going to receive two phonecalls behind this shit.  Or one phonecall and a visit.  Or no phonecalls and two visits.  Or the SWAT team is coming to my house next. FUCK!!!  Coming to my house?  I don’t need that.  I called Mimi and sent her some money via cashapp and told her to get a room until I tell her home is safe to return to.