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True Story©... The SECOND Time DARE Ruined my Life

True Story©…                 Did I ever tell y’all about the time I got an assault charge?  Worry not, you’re about to read about it now. Back when I had my previous car, I refrained from putting a sound system in it because I ONLY bought the car as a soulless appliance and not to necessarily enjoy.  That said, I spent a lot of time listening to (and learning to fucking HATE) commercial radio all over again after 15 years without it.  I heard a spot one day where they were doing acting casting calls at a convention center here in town on a day I had previously taken as a Mental Health™ day from work.  Basically, they would interview random folks to see if they could be placed with agencies, no experience needed, all comers would be spoken to between the hours of 10am and 4pm.  With nothing to do that day, I got my hair cut clean and brushed my waves up nicely, groomed the beard and put on some good clothes and headed over.                 When I arrived, the line was BEAST

They lied to me all through elementary school

As I look back on the 80’s, I realize that my entire generation was lied to as it related to drugs… They told us in school to be aware of and avoid drug dealers, who would offer kids drugs (at no charge, mind you) and shoot you for not accepting their offer. Once these idiot drug-“gifters” (“dealers” sell, “gifters” give shit away) realized that the D.A.R.E. program had properly empowered and educated (non-profit organization standard buzzwords) kids, they changed their story. Now we could no longer accept candy or anything from strangers and should have our parents inspect our Haloween candy, because NOW drug dealers were making a new kind of drugs for kids and putting it in candy to give (<-- again, that word is my problem here) to kids. Now, not to let you in on more than you need to know about me but I know enough about the peddling of illicit goods to know that you don’t make a DIME on anything you give away. That is why I NEVER got involved with weedhead women when