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Gadget Review... Benjie K9

First thing’s first.  No one is paying me to post this. [ Note : if you want to, though, the PayPal link is on the left] Now that we got THAT out of the way, let’s get down to it. September 2014, my iPod Nano finally succumbed to too many drops and started to bust open at the top.  I had gotten it second hand and I was not about to lay out the cash for any Apple product at the time. I went with the Sony NWZ-E380 Walkman and it served me masterfully for years.  Gym duty, outdoor workouts, sitting on the couch reading/writing, yard work and most importantly, DAILY droning out of office chatter.      “Well why don’t you use your phone for all that, Phlip?” Thanks for asking, I USED to use my phones for all of that, but I found myself in possession of charger-dependent phones due to the constant need of charge due to 8-hours-a-day constant usage. Anyway.  Syncing the Sony last week brought me to the realization that it has met its demise. I sent it on to glory (did