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True Story©… A Christmas Karen

  Okay, so Christmas is in a couple of days here… WHILE we’re bawls deep in Christmas season and selectively filled with Christmas spirit in our second pandemic Christmas, life has to continue moving along as well. In the course of “life moving along,” I find myself in Wal Mart more than any sane human being should ever comfortably be tasked with going to.   One of the benefits of my move is that I am no longer three blocks from a Neighborhood Market and now live less than a mile from a Supercenter. So Monday afternoon on my lunch break, I ran down to grab a few things.   My trip, as far as my own items, was largely uneventful, but as I was leaving self-checkout on the way to the truck, I heard some kind of ruckus coming from the Customer Service Desk and decided to be nosey. Lady Customer: “What do you mean you don’t know!?” CSR: “I mean, I can’t check the stock from up here, you’ll have to ask in Electronics.” Lady Customer: “Well can’t you, like, CALL them for me?” CSR: