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True Story©… Am-Knees-Ya pt. II - The Finale

  … and we’re back! if you weren’t here or don’t recall what transpired last week, please click here before continuing or this won’t end up making much sense to you.      So the doctor comes sprinting down the ward and into the room, breathlessly asking the nurse what was awry. Nurse: “The mescaline worked, but I don’t think it worked- worked" Doctor: “W-what do you mean?” Nurse: “Well…   As per norm, he was ‘up high’ for several hours and we expected that, and there were no traumas in his coming down.” Doctor: “Okay, so what’s the problem?” Me: “Y’all hursh!   I need to get some rest before my 12-hour shift on the factory floor tonight!” Nurse: “Well…   That.” Doctor: “What’s happening?” Nurse: “It seems he is of the opinion that he is--…” Me: “Sweetheart! S’cuse me, sweetheart!   Could you have that colored gal that was in here before bring me a whiskey and a cigarette?” Doctor: “Oh shit.” Me: “And when am I getting moved to the Whites hospital?” Nurs

True Story©… Am-Knees-Ya

       I have not changed the address on my license since 2008, when we moved down from the far end of the county back into the city.   I have thought about it, but the need for Real ID requires that I set foot inside the DMV to do it.   Furthermore, my (retired) mom still lives at the address that is on my license so the emergency situations that might arise from someone showing up to that address are not hindered by the fact that I have not lived there since July of 2009. Besides, I am there at least three days a week or so anyway in case any mail comes.      Recently, my simply not making the change worked to my advantage… As a few of you know, I am in what is among the best physical shape I have been in in my adult life.   Back before election time, I had taken up hitting open gym and playing basketball with some people young enough to be my kids.   Stylistic difference in how they play against how we grew up playing aside, everything went quite well and except for a cramp that