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Bullshit, defined...

I will paraphrase the correspondence that I received and exchanged to explain my situation, in a manner that most reading this may expect of me. NC Dept of Revenue (not the FEDERAL IRS, mind you): "Mr. Evans, you did not file your 2003 taxes... Me: "bullshit, homie... I took 3 months off in 03 due to damn near dying (literally, mind you), but still worked $4800 worth of overtime in the 9 months I worked... I filed and got money back, remember? DOR: "No, we don't, show us" Me: "Wait, what? Y'all GAVE ME MONEY BACK, WHY CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT?!!?" DOR: "We don't see that, show us..." Me: "dude, I have moved since then, I can't find the shit" DOR: "Show us..." Me: "dude, I even RE filed it for the second time when you audited in 2006, y'all gave me money then too, remember?" DOR: "nope, show us that too" Me: "is English your first language? I don't HAVE it, and YOU