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Lowered expectations

I have been made to spend more time than I might fancy listening to things that I just can’t make myself like, damning any attempts to or against it as of late… For the past 5ish weeks, I been back at one of my old places of employment, this time on a part-time/seasonal basis, slinging negro clothing goods in varying levels of bad taste and egregious cost. That is not what this post is about… Anyway, I am working with, save for the manager of the store, people who are 5-12 years younger than me, so suffice it to say that our tastes in music greatly vary. Three times over the course of these weeks have I heard something played from the stack of CDs in the store that I would listen to at home with one being a J. Cole mixtape that I downloaded when I did get home. With that in mind, I brought in another one I’d found and brought it into the store and would never hear it again except for in my home or my car. What, then, are we made to listen to? Never mind, now, that 10 ye

Photo Phun -- Why Phlip dislikes brown folks

Subtitle to this blog should be "just because you CAN doesn't mean that you SHOULD" When I leave my house, I have a camera with me. Even if that camera is attached to the phone. If I am photographing you, it is not always a good thing. Hell, it is RARELY a good thing to be totally honest. Yes, someone is SLEEPING in that mattress in the mall parking lot. What's funny is that these beyond-means-living fuckers more often than not drive these automotive abominations home to their apartments (or their mama's house in some cases) and somehow this is OKAY to them. Phlip hates brown people, neverminding that he happens to be black himself.

First 2010-11 NBA Season post

Let’s talk basketball, peoples. The season begins this coming Tuesday and I couldn't be a bit happier. I do not claim to be some clairvoyant individual able to predict the future, but I do lay claims to being several things. Among them… An asshole A Laker fan A connoisseur of all fine things related to titties and professional basketball, one of these things will be expounded upon in this post. Articulate enough to talk/write about it. That said, what happens here are not necessarily predictions, rather just my opinion of how things will play out. You know what? I am getting my boldest statement out of the way right at the outset… The Los Angeles Clippers will make the playoffs this season. There, I said it… Card-carrying lifelong Lakers fan just told the both of you that the first round of the Western Conference Playoffs will NOT leave the Staples Center this year. It felt weird typing it, but I really mean it. With a presumed-to-be-healthy Blake Griffin, no Elton Brand on board,

Album Review -- Chaundon: "No Excuses"

I’d be lying through my teeth keyboard if I told you that this review was fair, unbiased and without preloaded fanship of the reviewed… No, this is not to become a glowing review of a close personal friend, moreso one that I enter with the HOPE that it will be a glowing review of someone whose work I have come to love. No, don’t know the dude personally, though we have met a couple or 3 times at shows around the state, and have exchanged messages through various social networking mediums (MySpace/FaceBook/Twitter, yeah all of them, lol) down through it all. That said, this is EASILY my most anticipated album of 2010 so far of any genre, and WILL be only the 3rd album I put down my hard-earned $10 or less for single-disc albums at FYE when it releases next Tuesday – the same day that my Lakers commence their title defense – no matter the outcome of my review. Individual mileage may vary. If entertainment derived from his first album Carnage – which was released before I started thi

"How ya like me now"... a conversation

This is another one that The Katie came into the house with after work last night… Sometimes she does that and I spend a whole day thinking of reasons NOT to do it, only to see that it is actually an entertaining idea. So here we go… Question of the day… You’re doing a whole lot better SINCE your ex(es) than you ever were when actually with them. Do you rub their faces in it or keep quiet? First response came from the homie Jamal, with… “Quiet” Next came friend since late 1991 Brice, with… “You add them as a friend on facebook! LOL” Next was former coworker, Toi, with… “Rub it in their face especially if they kept telling you that wouldn’t do better without them” Next was former coworker Portia, adding onto Toi's response, with… “Or tell that blabber mouth ‘mutual’ friend! lol” After her was friend of a friend Joi, with… “if you're truly better without them then your happiness shines through and you don't have to brag... it comes across as trying to show the

On "Fantasy" sports...

You know what I don’t get? “Fantasy” sports… Growing up in the 80’s, nerd kids did nerd things that sometimes required the extraneous use of math and statistics, along with a deluge of confusing shit that I never allowed myself to get close enough to them to allow myself to get sucked in. One could draw the parallel to the fact that I never got into hard drugs like some of my peers as well. Anyway… The corollary to said “nerd kids,” who played dungeons and dragons and whatever the hell else they did before World of Warcraft was invented would be the “jocks,” for lack of a better term. During the same lunch period at my high school, these guys were on the FRONT lawn throwing a football on the end opposite the hippie kids who had Frisbees and hackey sacks. I witnessed this from the vantage point of the ones throwing the football, though I was nowhere NEAR enough to being one of the ‘cool kids’ to have gone up to full-on ‘jock’ status, but that was more than fine with me. [ Phlip note –

BET Hip Hop Awards

BET's Hip Hop Awards… Hell, even that TITLE feels like a joke, not terribly dissimilar to "Churches presents The Chicken's connoisseur banquet" Didn’t watch a single SECOND of them… I watched Operation Repo for the most of it, then whatever came on Tru TV after that. Why? Well, two reasons actually… I swore BET to be against my religion sometime around 2004-2005ish, and there is no going back on that now… Sure, as with EVERY religion, everyone slips up here and there and watches an entire season or 3 of American Gangster, but I have pretty much held onto that. They can syndicate all the bad black UPN sitcoms and whatever Tyler Perry of the moment they want to, but I would be damned if I am watching BET programming in general unless Free’s ass is involved anytime in the foreseeable future. I am SO SICK AND FUCKING TIRED of current-age hip hop music and especially artists… I was at the computer with The Tweeter and The Book of Face both awake while I worked on various

Columbus Day... but why?

For Columbus Day, my plans WERE to “discover” my neighbors’ house, at which point I would teach them the nuances of proper canine care and how good civilized folks live… Once I had educated them, I would swiftly deem them as ‘savages’ or perhaps simply lacking in civil abilities. With that established, I would share with them some debilitating disease and get them the fuck off of my newly discovered land – hell they aren’t doing anything with it! Luckily for them, and very much to the benefit of my property value, they were asked to leave a couple weeks ago and the house is empty for the time being. No more dead dogs and disabled cars, I love it. No, in all seriousness… Why in the blue hell DO we celebrate Columbus Day? It kind of strikes me as a celebration of some guy’s failure. Seriously, he didn’t discover anything, as it is impossible to “discover” already-inhabited land for one. Also, one must consider that others are known to have come across a long time ahead of him. This

It's that time of the year again...

A repost of mammarial proportions ... (yes, I know that "mammarial" is not a word, or was not until now) I'd originally posted this blog in October 2007, and as the date draws near again my mind has not changed one little bit, nor has the importance of the subject at hand, so here goes... Do you know what this week is? According to NYC Cancer Prevention , the 3rd Friday in every October is "National Mammography Day." I know what you're thinking, "But Phillip, you don't have titties," and the jokes of my man-boobs are damn near moot, as they are just about gone now. I DO have a sense of humor about myself and I know that I am still not a small person by any stretch of the imagination, but I digress... I have taken on the vigil, as a member of the S traight M ale P ride F oundation (AKA the "anti-zesty coalition," PKA the "take off them fuckin' skinny jeans frontline"), proudly led


As of the time this post goes live, it is now 10/10/2010, and the time is 10:10... ... that is all!

"You've got a friend in me"... a conversation

This one should be decently simple… I even thought of this one on my own sitting here at my desk as well. Some things that have fallen into my lap over the past few weeks, combined with some peoples’ reaction to them and the shifting of positions of people in my life caused me to query The Book of Face with… “Question of the day… How do YOU define what a ‘friend’ is?” I would, as usual, sit back and wait on the responses, hoping for some good ones. First was the homie Joe, with… "FIRST! [ Phlip note – dick] Hmm...well obviously there's a bit of time that goes into it, if I've known you for a day, cool or not, you're an acquaintence. But for me its someone that's there for you when they don't need to be, who understands you, and isn't afraid to tell you how it is. Also actually meeting the person, for me, isn't that important as I have many friends I've known for years (*cough* one from NC) that I talk to all the time but I've never physically m

In the kitchen with Phlip -- the "I'm bringing breakfast back" edition

The Katie made a request last night that I do breakfast burritos this morning before I set off to the the plantation, so here we go... This time I used turkey sausage but you can use swine if you choose , broken up into crumbles and browned: Spinach wraps: Triple-cheddar cheese: And, of course, scrambled eggs: After browning the sausage, add the eggs and cheese: and now you scramble EVERYTHING together, mixing it together really good. Now we can wrap this sumbitch up, step-by-step: And now, it is time to eat!