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True Story©… Bowlerskating

       I daydream… I daydream a lot.  One might say my days are an ongoing daydreams with inconvenient breaks for reality.      One thing I like to daydream about is what I would do if I came into a stupid amount of money, think big lottery winnings level.  As I explained on The Ticket , there would have to be a certain amount made for me to quit my job even if I found a space to go into business for myself. Practicality would see me perhaps building an apartment complex and expanding, so as to leave my kids something when I am no longer here.  WILD thoughts include other erstwhile unrelated thoughts of things my friends and I used to do in our early adulthood. We’ll talk about that last one today… Back in olden times (circa 1999-2002ish), an average weekend might see me rarely home at a decent hour between Thursday and Sunday nights.  Living in a college town, ‘club nights’ would generally get to moving on Thursday nights, then we would go to a different spot on Friday.  On Sa