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True Story©… The (un)Usual Suspect

  I kind of saw this shit coming… One could point to that premonition as the very reason for my recent commitment to rehabbing the Moe Phillips name.      As the both of you know I have been working from home since two days after Meka’s birthday in 2020. [ Phlip Note : HI MEKA!!! ] Since then, and as documented in these very pages, I have employed Moe Phillips in my miscreance as a means of making some semblance of fun out here in this fucked up world without the onus of facing the circumstances of my actions. … until I had to face the consequences of my actions.      Last Wednesday, I watched out of the window of my lower-level window as a Greensboro PD cruiser stopped in front of my house and sat there for a few minutes before approaching my door. Oh shit. Rather than allow them to get all the way to the door and excite my dogs with the presence of a stranger, I met them at the front porch… Me: “Good afternoon, officers.   What can you help me with?” Detective: “Good a