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True Story©... The Burden of TMI

     Sometimes I ROYALLY fuck things up, despite beginning with the greatest of intentions… One time back in, what, 2009-2010ish?  I posted a status on FB with the intentions of posting some of what came back to me here.  I never quite got the number of responses I wanted, so I never managed to get a post up and going.      I am having a hard time locating that post, but basically it asked “if you could write a letter to your 13 year-old self, what would you say?” Some responses were comical (“don’t go to work on [day] so that bitch won’t fire you…”) , some were poignant (“kids are mean, don’t let those boys in 3 rd grade damage you forever…”) and some seemed to miss the point altogether.      One time, three years later, I went back to the email I received from one person and thought over it. [ Phlip note : I removed names to protect the guilty parties] (apologies, I normally downsize images, but this one needs to be seen in full) I Was Not Ready