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Like a Boss

**********Addict behaviors...********** Fuck, I slow down the drinking habit and pick back up the model cars one... I am SO glad I was never curious enough to fuck with narcotics. Let me get my hands on some real money and I PROMISE to give way to a Lego habit, especially with all the cool shit I read on a daily basis. **********Last Friday...********** I saw a yellow 87 Box Chevy Caprice... It was yellow, red landau top, yellow and red interior... It had fucking BOJANGLES' logos up both sides of the car. I laughed for a solid hour at the stereotypical irony of the existence of such an animal... ... then I got a cruel idea... For my donk build, I will be similarly stereotypical... I plan to get a box chevy caprice, and I will have it painted a candy green, then a darker green will comprise randomly fat stripes all over the body, all spanning the length of the body. The interior will be all covered in red alcantara with black buttons. Wheels will be 28" and one will need a ste

Working with my hands -- Nissan 350Z

I think I am in love with Maisto's "Assembly Line" series, too bad the only one on Amazon is one that is 2 or 3 times those in stores, fuckers... Nissan 350Z. Door was off of it in the box, but I'd knocked the door off the Maserati 4 times during assembly, so we went back and got it... Standard order, not bothering with a bunch of extra words. (door back on without problem) Interior: (brushed, not polished): (get back in that box!):

Working with my hands -- Maserati Trofeo

No intro on this one, y'all know how I operate. Getting started: Engine panel in and door panels on, back glass in: Interior mostly assembled, as this one has a single seat and a cage: Decision time, brushed or chrome: I'm going for the chrome this time, we're all finished: Opened up: Now, wipe her down and put it back in the box: Yeah, I think I like it well enough. Immediately in the top of the closet next to the others in wait for the next.

In the kitchen with Phlip -- Jambalaya (somewhat)

I will likely only be offering contributions to these on Sundays, as that is the day that I have time at home to be in the kitchen for any extended amount of time... Today's contributions is jambalaya (sort of). Growing up poor will instill in one the means of making shit happen where another just might not be able to. Becoming a clear-thinking and well enough off adult will make such a lesson INFINITELY applicable. One time a few months back, I assessed what was in my fridge, threw the dice and came up with a winner. When attempting this at home, pay attention to WHEN I say to add things, adding the shrimp too early will make it rubbery, adding the tomatoes and celery too early will make them mushy. Let us start with a tool kit... Good ol' cast iron pan: Big knife: ... and spoon: ... and spatula: BIG pot (you'll need a more than gallon-sized one for this): Cutting board: Of course, folks, you will need some food, as well... Celery (stock photo, lol): (dice this up the sam

Working with my hands -- Chrysler ME Four Twelve

I was up this morning and bored, so I went ahead and assembled the Chrysler ME Four Twelve. Took about no time flat, as there were no extraneous parts (lights, grilles, etc...) that had to be put into the body, just snap some pieces in place, 2 screws and finito. Start to finish... Unopened box: Open everything, assess the task and read the instructions before opening anything: Hang interior door panels on doors, slide dash on under windshield, and place seats/cover on interior: Decision time, chrome or brushed?: In the face of my brown-people sensibilities, I selected brushed, unlike with the CLK-GTR, they go on BEFORE the body: Sit body down on frame and twist 2 screws, car is assembled: All opened up: Get back in the damned box, you!!!: Total assembly time, less than 20 minutes. It took all I possessed to not take it back apart and paint that interior black instead of the camel that it came in, but I will refrain in the name of leaving it as it is. ... I think I need another.