El Chupa Cabra

I mistake Donald Faison for Todd Bridges...
... fuck, I guess black people DO look alike.

Check it out. Dustin Hoffman, 'Rain Man,' look retarded, act retarded, not retarded. Count toothpicks to your cards. Autistic, sure. Not retarded. You know Tom Hanks, 'Forrest Gump.' Slow, yes. Retarded, maybe. Braces on his legs. But he charmed the pants off Nixon and won a ping-pong competition. That ain't retarded. Then there was Sean Penn in ‘I Am Sam.’ He went full retard. Left the Oscars empty-handed. You went full retard, man. NEVER go full retard.

**********Maybe I'm Dwelling...**********
... but maybe I am fed the fuck up, d'yathink???
I mean, I had my issue with "single ladies," but now this dizzy broad is claiming "a diva is the female version of a hustler"?
I mean, perhaps I have been wrong all my life, but my understanding was that "hustlers" got the fuck up, got out and made shit happen, while a "diva," by definition, was more a high-maintenance and self-important pain in the ass. Not necessarily a situation that can be described as "hustling," EXCEPT when one stops and looks at the legions of people who actually BUY this bullshit. See:
Also, trust and believe, that NOTHING about a "diva as a hustler" allows me to accept that half-ass rapping about things gold-diggish in nature is EVER a positive thing.


Back to my original sore spot with this dolt...
See, I have been captive audience to the song some more, and in the midst of Beyonce's annoying-ass caterwauling, I noticed the lines "He's a man that makes me and then takes me and delivers me to a destiny, to infinity and beyond."
Then I had an epiphany!
I have reached my conclusion as to exactly what it is she is brainwashing these young girls into thinking that they should desire in a man...
What she, and all who worship her should really be after in life is this guy:
You, as Beyonce's sheep, should take note.
Perhaps, I AM dwelling, lucky for me I don't care. I rather enjoyed the fact that Jennifer Hudson outdid her in Dreamgirls.

**********El Chupa Cabra...**********
... EXISTS, fam!
Dude, I went out one morning to water my sheep, and 7 of them were dead, and all their blood was drained, it was fucking surreal, seriously.

**********Protesting Global Warming!!!**********

**********Standup people**********
That Greg Anderson cat is a real standup dude, seriously.
He is ALLEGED to have, as a personal trainer shot Barry Bonds up with designer steroids that were made at a place that he was employed at the time. Evidence as presented shows that this likely took place, but the government cannot pursue it as such legally unless he testifies, either telling the truth or perjuring himself with a lie.
What does he do? He REFUSES to testify, flat out. "I ain't tellin' y'all SHIT" Sure, he does a year in jail for contempt of court, but the ass of the man who would SURELY prop him up with a 7-digit "thank you" for keeping HIS ass out of jail for longer for SEVERAL counts of perjury would DEFINITELY ease the pain of having to do a year in minimum security.
Say he gets on the stand and he DOESN'T go into "save Bonds' ass" mode, now he can be tried for providing illegal substances and shit, then tried as a dopeman, which he would have had to basically admit to in telling them the truth that they seek. Brilliant play, fattening ones own pockets while keeping EVERYONE out of the grease.
Roger Clemens chose the wrong trainer/homeboy/potential co-defendant.

**********Silence is golden...**********
... duct tape is silver.

**********Chris Brown vs. Rihanna**********
Seriously, someone needs to teach this girl how to take a punch... Was Tina Turner not available to explain to her the "drop and coverup" technique? I mean, she is an allegedly pretty girl (while she doesn't exactly do it for me), did she not think about that when her face was left open to take this amount of beating? Pic for reference:

Furthermore, who in the HELL taught Chris Brown to beat people up? With sufficient causation, the charges for a beatdown, even in a domestic case, will be lessened if one simply secures the victory in said beatdown and leaves the shit alone. Allegations of being given herpes is MORE than sufficient reasoning and falls into my category of "yes, you can whoop ass, nevermind WHO it is."
When one CONTINUES the headbutting and biting and all that good shit after the person being beaten is clearly defeated, a simple spat with nothing more than simple assault charges becomes aggravated assault and attempted murder. Not to mention that, because you're famous, your dumbass will be all over television.
Funny thing, though, I am betting that he will try one last effort in court to exonerate himself:
... I bet her stupid ass ends up back with him.

**********Fuck this blog...**********
... basketball is on tonight.
One person knows why I named it as I did, lol.


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