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True Story© Sweet Beautiful Silence

     Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver, and therefore the only known way to turn silver into gold, but that is another story for another time.      I don’t argue, I don’t yell or get hostile or my ass all on my shoulders in needless stupid confrontation.  Not that I lack either the words or necessary hand skills to handle such things, they’re just not my thing.  I will act in defense of self or anyone I have tasked myself with defending, but I am otherwise quiet and as unassuming as anyone with my sneakers, wristwatch and tattoos can expect to be seen as.  That said, people expect more noise out of me than they ever actually get.  Well to be honest, more than they ever actually really want. Unrelated to the above is a little story that I have never even told anyone I have dated since it happened. Pack a lunch, this one is going long. The year is 2005 (2006 maybe?).  I met this girl who will not be named on this page.  She approached me, later telling me that i