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Parodies of news happenings

With pop culture being what it is, parody of a pop culture piece is usually a safe vehicle for the continuation of your “brand.” With recent developments surrounding the 2012 Republican candidates-to-be, most specifically one Herman Cain, I am of the opinion that RIGHT NOW is the time for one of those in famous “… an XXX parody”. As ever, and in the same vein as “Whose Nailin’ Palin” from a couple of years back, the title should be cheesy and especially groan-worthy, and this one is no different. “Spermin’ Cane” The allegations as presented publicly thus far give us 3 scenes, which I will go into now. Scene 1 The “harassment” allegations stem from what was said to have taken place at office parties. In the hospitality industry, this naturally usually includes alcohol. So we have our lead, an older black gentleman, drunkenly hitting on his younger white subordinates with every brand of inappropriateness one can imagine. Naturally, for casting

"Trickin' ain't easy" -- the Herman Cain story

Have I really allowed the news to get me involved in an election cycle THIS early in the game? With an incumbent, there is only one side of it until next year, and MAN has this side generated a lot of buzz. Nevermind Rick Perry’s Niggerhead Ranch , Newt Gingrich being a philanderer (and in such, hypocrite) and hothead, Mitt Romney being a flipflopper, Michelle Bachman being Michelle Bachman and Ron Payl being very old; ALL of that pales in comparison to Herman Cain’s apparent trying to use the election to become the next dude to get brained in the oval office. After Tiger Woods’ situation two years ago, it seems that this will be an every-other-Thanksgiving occurrence, and for the sake of keeping the evening news entertaining, I am cool with this arrangement. We found ourselves riveted to our screens as one after another (or their lawyers where confidentiality agreements prohibited) came out to discuss their situation with the man who had previously