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Suburban Dad Shxt™… A Pit of Fire

     So we moved into this house 361 days ago…  Among things I planned to do were to fix the yard (completed in May & maintained ever since) , mancave the garage ( that has been an ongoing project that will never be “done,” but it contains all my fun stuff) , and build a fire pit in the back yard. Wife insisted we add a patio under the deck in the meantime.  Not to bore anyone with tales of an ongoing garage/mancave/home gym – if you were on IG then you saw it – we’re here to talk about that last one.      I put this project off for the longest time, only to find myself upset at how damned easy it wound up being…      We’ll start off by cutting the back yard as we do every Wednesday:   (note: that tree there on the right WAS dying so I cut it down to a stump and now it is growing again, SMFH) Start with twelve cinder blocks arranged into a square.  Standard blocks will give you a 56” outside diameter using standard 16x8x8 blocks.      I made sure to position it at the most leve