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Hallloween Mollies

     My previous brushes with DARE [ link 1 ] [ link 2 ] notwithstanding, there is apparently good money in fucking lying to children and gullible parents of children as it relates to the distribution of drugs.      As kids, they told us that the big evil drug dealers’ M.O. was to simply give a kid some drugs to get them hooked, and thereby make them a customer for the rest of their miserable little lives. First of all.  That is a shitty business model… Kids. don’t. have. money. Second of all, who has this kind of work to just GIVE away?  Even on The Wire, they would throw out “testers” in very small amounts only to alert the local paying customers of the quality of the shit they could then buy, but not in quantities that would get them hooked on the first try, which brings me to… … the ONLY drug known to humankind that can prove addictive immediately upon the very first time you have it is pussy. Ask me how I know, I DARE you.      So for the last few years

Phood Phun with Phl--.. no, with Mimi. Steak and Chicken Duxelle

Round three of Mimi’s trifecta now.      Why I am spoiled: Because she is willing to make a meal two ways at one time because I don’t eat beef. This sauce is pretty straightforward, though. 2tbsp butter ½ cup heavy cream 1 cup chicken broth 1tbsp garlic 1tsp thyme 1 cup chopped mushroom ½ cup chopped onions You will also need a decent-sized steak and two boneless/skinless chicken breasts. We are going to operate on the inference that you know how to cook meat in a pan, but we will at least include a couple of pictures of the process. (yes, that is cooking in butter) (cook your steak to your desired temperature, remove from the heat and let it rest) Now back to that sauce. With the butter, sauté the mushrooms and onions: Now everyone else in the pool. Simmer until the sauce begins to thicken.   You’ll call it thick enough when it coats the back of your spoon:  Slice up your meat, place on
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Sweat the Details

She posted that on my wall…      I loved it. It was an explanation to something that I’ve had none for over the last 25+ years.  I am a creator.  I see things that I want to see, I see things HOW I want to see them.  My eye and ear for detail are so tuned to things that I think I will later find important – or better still things I KNOW I will – that small details are outside of my purview.      She is learning, through this, that my issue is not that I don’t give a fuck so much as that I am more for things that one SHOULD be giving a fuck about than to allow time for things that don’t excite me or just probably don’t fit that description. That is why I hate smalltalk and can prattle on for hours about the inner nuances of Herbie Hancock’s Vein Melter .      But it shows that she spends time trying to “get” me instead of applying needless energy to “fixing” me. I know I am broken, and presented myself as such when we met.  A large part of making me better is pu
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Donny Got Barz™

     Look, I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a ghost writer in the sphere of 45, BUT whomever is writing this dude’s raps on that special Twitter back channel I discovered a couple weeks ago [ post ] is getting better at that shit.      Following the above graphic about his recent twittering habits as it relates to drilling in on distractions and not actual issues, it appears he was in a rappity rap mood this afternoon.  Hillary, Obama, Kim Jong Un and his electoral victory were (typical) his preferred topics.  Read more below. Extra points for use of the word “ pathic ,” suggesting that Michelle is a man and Obama enjoys buttplay.  Whomever is writing this shit knows strange nuanced things about the language that no normal people are fucking with these days. I can’t WAIT until he gets impeached and writes a mixtape about his time at 1600.
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True Story© Fund Raising

     Social media ruins lives… No, really!  We say and do things on Facebook and Twitter that we would NEVER say out in the world and especially not in mixed company.  Sure, people are quick to brag how real they are in real life, but these are undeniable facts, you just NEVER are as much of what you claim, or perhaps even think you are on the social networks.      So what does this have to do with anything? Thanks for asking!      Friday morning, I got to work.  Got my coffee together, ate my breakfast and settled in at my desk with my music player and earbuds.  I’m listening to my music, minding my own business.  Hard nipples on a cool fall morning A coworker comes to my desk to small talk, hell it’s Friday – payday even.  I guess I will play along a bit. Hard nipples  Coworker: “What’s up, Phillip?” Me: “Not a lot, getting in here about to knock this day out and roll on for the weekend.” HN CW: “Any plans?” Me: “Nah, I been busy as heck all month, I am goi
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In the Hotep Army...

(okay, so maybe not quite like that)      Look, the man doesn’t know how to pronounce “Niger” anyway, and that is why he isn’t talking about it. That and he knows he is dead ass wrong.  He knows he is discussing a deceased Black soldier who died on some bullshit caused by some executive branch fuckery and now the executive branch is searching hard for a scapegoat, as they are often wont to do. And since the favorite scapegoat wasn’t the one who banned travel from Chad to the US, causing Chad to pull assistance from the fight with the jihadists, Obama cannot be blamed for the four dead American soldiers. Funny how that works out, no?      What is weird, though, is that a great many of us STILL don’t know the names of the three other dead soldiers, or what they look like.  I shouldn’t have had to Google to find a post with all the contained information , itself only posted less than a day before I typed this sentence. What we don’t have, however, are coverage of B
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Phood Phun with Phlip... Pan-Seared Salmon and Tropical Hollandaise

Scene two of Mimi’s trifecta last weekend…                 We wanted some good breakfast, but by the time breakfast rolled around we weren’t hungry, so we made it and basically ate it for lunch.  This is a take on some things we have done before, with the eggs and hollandaise, and with the salmon as well (though I usually bake it). Enough with the lining, let’s get to business here. 1.5lb salmon fillet, or two nice-sized ones. The sauce/paste – to be brushed on and set aside – for it is: 1.5tbsp tropical sazon 2tbsp olive oil zest of one lemon and juice of half of that lemon.  Keep the other half, for… Hollandaise: … the OTHER half of that lemon’s juice 2 egg yolks – don’t discard those whites, they can still be mixed in with the scrambled eggs. pinch of salt ¼ tsp tropical sazon ¼ cup of butter Start with the butter, melt it in the microwave in 10-second intervals until it is melted, but not cooking. scramble the egg yolks, s
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I. Don't. Fucking. Know.

     No, it wasn’t right… I was never an “easy” child.  I was born with a plot, a scheme to move toward where I want(ed) to be, even when I didn’t know where that was. but life… We left my dad when I was 11 years, 5 months and 14 days old.  Not that I am keeping score or nothing.      Soon thereafter – nah, long before that – I learned that making my way would be what worked for me.  Sure, I have realized late in life that I have a support system.  Sure, I have found my voice over the last few years.  What remains to be realized, though, is that there is very little that a 6 th -grader has left to know about the world.  And I was ill-prepared. Enter: “I don’t know”      The reality of the world is that no one knows everything.  To my parenting, though, this seemed to be an issue.  Fuck, when I don’t know I don’t know.  But instead of followup questions, I got hit with WHATEVER was convenient.      Well…  Fuck it, I can beat “I don’t know” better than I can g
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True Story©... Trading War Stories

     I have learned that while people SAY that they want a better life than they previously had, they really only want to have a better life than others.  Selfish as this may be, it just is what it is.  To be honest, I used to be like that.  I found that karma and whatever else you believe in would begin to catch up with me and that the desire simply not to come in last was not enough. Now, I want EVERYONE to be as great as possible, even if that means some people will be better than me.  I think that is a part of leaving the world a better place than you found it.      I have personally tended to shirk the concept of “seek help” or “see a therapist,” I have literally monstered through every one of these fucked up situations that have presented themselves in my life.  I might or might not be a mess as a result of it, to be honest. But I try to do the right thing.  In situations where there might not be a “do” as far as right things go, I do or say what I feel might fix the s
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     I am not joking, I mean this shit. This man has played Jackie Robinson in 2013’s 42 .  He played James Brown in 2014’s Get on Up .  Fuck, he was one of seven Black people who got real camera time in 2016’s Gods of Egypt and just might be the only one who was actually allowed to play an actual god! Further, we have seen him make more Black people care about comic book movies with his portrayal as T’Challa/Black Panther in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War and in the upcoming eponymous Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War movies.      I thought of this post on Saturday when one of my wives my lady took me to see Marshall in the movies.  The trailer for Black Panther played before the movie and this naturally made it more obvious (to me, at least) that with the above-listed movies an even MORESO after watching and LOVING Marshall (for real, y’all go pay money to see this) , Chadwick Boseman is fast entering Hotep Hero status and is worthy of the best protecti
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2017-18 NBA Tip-Off!!!

     After an off-season that seems to have never actually ended and with a season ahead of us full of seemingly foregone conclusions, the NBA season is back on tonight with two pretty highly-touted games.  Boston and Cleveland will tip off the season at 8pm, a game of interest with the movement and back-and-forth between the teams late in the offseason.  That will be followed at 10:30pm by the up-and-coming Houston Rockets taking on the defending champion Golden State Warriors. It’s as if the NBA schedule writers KNEW the NFL would be mired in knee-deep shit with the protests and beefing with the fuckboy in chief 45 and decided to throw out some games of interest right from the start. As much time as I would love to expound on the virtues of basketball, I am already 138 words in and I have a short attention span.  I will get right to the NBA season predications. Rookie of the Year      LaVar Ball, Los Angeles Lakers…  No, that was not a typo.  I am well aware that

Phood Phun with Phl--... Nah, with Mimi - Soul-Healing Chicken Soup

      Y’all read the title right…  I sat this one out, Mimi took over the kitchen and made this one while I ran my mama’s errands and stewed over something that I was expecting to happen anyway. Never mind that though.  She soldiered on these and deserves all of the credit.  This is a soup she made a long time ago when she was still trying to get me.  Since we have happened upon fall weather, it is time for soups and the like.  Really easy to make, especially if you are in possession of a crock pot you can set and adjust from the couch or from another ZIP code on the other side of town.       Let me take a moment to discuss how amazing crock pot liners are too.  Rather than dirtying up your crock pot, you put in a bag that will be resistant to the heat, cook in it, get all the food out of it and then toss the bag in the trash.  Cleanup from there might consist of a good hot water rinse. No more games…  Let’s cook.                                                  You