In the Hotep Army...

(okay, so maybe not quite like that)

     Look, the man doesn’t know how to pronounce “Niger” anyway, and that is why he isn’t talking about it.

That and he knows he is dead ass wrong.  He knows he is discussing a deceased Black soldier who died on some bullshit caused by some executive branch fuckery and now the executive branch is searching hard for a scapegoat, as they are often wont to do.
And since the favorite scapegoat wasn’t the one who banned travel from Chad to the US, causing Chad to pull assistance from the fight with the jihadists, Obama cannot be blamed for the four dead American soldiers.

Funny how that works out, no?

     What is weird, though, is that a great many of us STILL don’t know the names of the three other dead soldiers, or what they look like.  I shouldn’t have had to Google to find a post with all the contained information, itself only posted less than a day before I typed this sentence.
What we don’t have, however, are coverage of Bryan Black or Jeremiah Johnson’s wives or Dustin Wright’s father being coldly told “he knew what he was getting himself into.”

     Because they fit the description of a “hero” to the person delivering the message.

Since we can’t be heroes even when we’re thrust into the roles of doing hero shit, it is high time we quit this shit and start our own army!
Look, before anyone tries to remind me of the time Reagan made it illegal for people to own and carry their guns so Black people wouldn’t do it, don’t.  We remember.

But that Amendment that Republican Jesus Reagan enjoyed wiping his ass with suggests the words “well regulated militia,” and since no one has actually explained fully what that means.  In the dearth of specificity, we shall define that with what we make it.  In these gentrified-ass neighborhoods, we will train our kids physically, mentally and in the proper operation of weapons to protect our neighborhoods from “them.”  Like the military, we will train them in skilled trades to be used for the greater good when it is time to face the rest of the world and when “they,” as they are wont to do, come to try and take this hoteppian garden of Eden from us, we will be ready to defend ourselves.

A Hotep Army.

As it were, we WILL lose some soldiers, but what better a death to die than defending something that IS in your common interests and not for some motherfucker waiting to tell your next of kin “he knew what he was getting himself into.”

Enroll today, we will be opening the La David Johnson Memorial Training Grounds for basic training very soon.


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