^^^ That's in all caps, so you have to do it!

     Every day or three, I am forwarded a message with the words “let’s make this go viral!”
Every day, I refuse to forward that message or participate in the “going viral” of said message.
Well, my blog has (as I type this sentence) 919 published posts since February of 2009.  My most popular post has 13,774 views and most of those came from a guy sharing the post on a forum because his car was featured.  Not viral.
Since my return last year, my most popular post was the Good Times post a couple of weeks ago [link].  Still not viral.

    I make a point every couple or few weeks informing the populace that I will not participate in the sharing of articles (usually unread by the sharer), pictures (usually not understood by the sharer), videos (usually unwatched by the sharer) or any other posts until I see one of MY posts “go viral.”
I will share what interests me, I will share the stories I have read, I will share the memes I understand and like, I will share the videos I watch and enjoy.  I will not, EVER, comply with a request or beg to “help make this go viral.”

     Not until someone makes one of MINE go viral.  Not one second before.  I put in a lot of work for people to read an enjoyable story and replicate some good food every week and no one is helping ME go viral, dammit.  Why should I comply with a request to make a fake news story that someone didn’t bother to verify was fake before getting their ass on their shoulders and begging everyone to share.

-   Prayer chains?  Broken once they hit my inbox.
-   Guilt-trippy “return this if you love me” messages?  If I love you, you knew it without the chain messages.
-   Bombastic news stories from news agencies that don’t exist?  Not without checking Snopes first.
-   “Good […] Challenge.”  I know I am good at it already, and everyone I think is too knows it as well.
-   “Tag 821 people who…” HELL no!

I am just not here for this shit.  I come from an era where getting famous required the working of what you can do, what you know and being good at it, not posting some goofy shit on the internet and begging people to share it.


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