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True Story©… The Poo Party!

       My birthday was last Saturday… While I will gladly continue to accept gifts and donations for the remainder of the month of July, this will be the last time I mention it here until probably next summer.      As I mentioned last week, I shirked the idea/expense/effort of a big cookout in lieu of putting on a Burger King crown and just having people show up and hang out with me all day in public places.   I chose to see Indiana Jones, to go bowling and then to eat Mexican food before heading back to the house.   All told, it allowed people to choose what level of their own entertainment they would partake in and pay for their own involvement in it.   Think of it kind of in the vein of a destination wedding, wherein your presence itself is the present.   That is literally all I asked anyone for.      Of course, things being as they are – but thankfully not to spoil a parade of IN door activities – it would rain off and on all day as the weather is wont to do in NC.   That mean