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True Story©… ‘Tis the Season

       I am beginning to feel like I am running low on options… My face is known in the community after my previous attempt at shaking things up using people’s short-sightedness for details. Detective Woodpenis is onto me and I can’t use the Moe Phillips name as a shield for criminal enterprise, lest he will perk up and show his face back at my house. I need something new to do,   here y’all!      For those among us who don’t follow me on The BookFace, you’re aware that I have re-created myself as a fitness douche of sorts sharing details of my workouts every weekday.   It started last summer in the form of my walks on my lunch break.   This summer, I have upped the game with longer walks and doing them at 5am while still throwing in a lunchtime one as well. This matters to the presentation due to where I live and what kind of people are outside between 5 and 7 in the morning.   There are people getting on and off of the bus going to first shift jobs or coming home from thir

True Story©… Robbin’ the Hood

       I was aiming low… WAIT!      First, let me welcome y’all back and advise that I was not kidnapped again this time. Instead, I was dealing with the fact that I kind of necessarily had to burn theMoe Phillips name to keep my real name out of real trouble.  I took a week not only to regroup, but to live-test a new method.      That’s right, y’all, I started a cult! At my advanced age, it makes little sense to attempt a full on career change that may involve any amount of time spent back in school, especially not when my normal full time job does well enough to handle my bills and gives great insurance benefits.  As has been mentioned before in these very pages, one of those benefits is generous amounts of off time commiserate with the amount of time I have been with the company.  I’d be a fuckin’ fool to blow that!      So anyway, a cult…  First off, I needed a point of interest that I knew would get people interested.  Politics is too toxic, social issues are too causti

True Story©… SpamBack

       My laptop is next to my work-work computer for non-work “research” purposes and my desktop is out in my mancave next to the Playstation for music and fun purposes.   Both tend to have a tab open leading to my email inbox.      Like most of us, I tend to go weeks – MONTHS – at a time and rarely ever look at one folder in my email box.   Yes, that is the ever infamous spam folder. Of course, nothing of particular usefulness was there during the time of neglect.   Sure, a couple of messages that SHOULD have found one of my filtered inbox folders had eked to the junk mail folder, but the fact that I had not missed them basically served it that I could give a fuck less…      …   but I was bored. I clicked on a couple of emails and noticed that “Warren Edward Buffett” apparently uses a Gmail address that has nothing to do with his real name.   Not only that, he sends random people on the internet messages with opportunities to collect LIFE CHANGING amounts of money if only they

True Story©… What Happens in Vegas

(Take me to Da Kaing) ...  and to think I almost Googled an image to use instead.      Anyone who follows me on various social media platforms knows that two things my wife and I do is travel and eat.   So much so that we literally travel to eat sometimes.   That said, one of our now-favorite places to go is Las Vegas.   Funny thing is that we classify “favorite” as “places we will go again before ticking somewhere new off of the checklist.”   We were married in Vegas November of 2018, and semi-revisited the scene of the crime to celebrate her birthday at the very end of January this year. While there were SOME people walking around in masks, this was a few weeks before The Rona had fully gripped the nation.      One of the funny things about Vegas is that “The Vegas Experience” begins the very moment you step off of your plane into the airport.   When you step into the terminal, like before you even get to the food courts and even to the baggage claims, you are bombarded with slot