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I got some questions for the house.

Is it possible to be a lesbian, but still be a virgin? Do black women really get their asses on their shoulders when a black dude is with a white woman? If so, why? When the hell did people become so socially inept? I know the internet may have a large influence on this, but there is little to no excuse for people who are, say, my age or older. Example: I ask you a direct question in conversation, you do not know the answer to the question I have asked... Why in the FUCK would it be acceptable for you to sit silent instead of acknowledging that someone has spoken to you? Anyone else tired of hearing about Tiger Woods in the news? Is anyone, like me, NOT surprised that this could happen to Tiger Woods, or ANY billionaire athlete for that matter? [ Phlip note - Tiger is the ONLY athlete to have cleared a billion if I remember that correctly] Is it just me, or is college basketball weak as hell this year? Is it wrong that I am less than a week back from an enormous vacation and I am alr