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True Story©… Used to Be the Man

       I’m a pretty unmistakable guy.   Even in public in a mask, people can usually tell who I am from sight distance.   My walk, my watch, my hair – even my beard poking out the sides and bottom of the mask.   Add the whimsy of the mask itself and people tend to recognize me when they see me out. Even when I wish I had been able to hide from them.      After the Rona scare where I was miraculously the only one who didn’t get it, we came to the family decision that of anyone was to venture out for sundries, I would be sacrificed the one to do it.   Still no wanton browsing, digging around in the mall for bullshit and my Hot Wheels searching field trips are usually baked into Wal Mart and Dollar General runs. This story isn’t directly about that…      Recently, on one of those early-morning – I had to learn to go to the grocery store at 7am when y’all started wilding over fucking toilet paper in April – runs to Food Lion down near the house for coffee creamer and toilet paper (

True Story© Tech Support for the World At Large

Until my fortunes change, I am an IT specialist by day, a writer when time allows, and murderous supervillain by night . Sometimes I lose sight of which “job” I am on and do some supervillain shit when I need to be earning a paycheck. F’rinstance, there was last week at work… Monday: Nurse:  “Let me start off, sir, by saying that I am totally computer illiterate, but I need your help. This printer is not working and I don’t know what to do.” Me : “Have you rebooted the computer and the printer?” Nurse:  “I think so.” Me:  “You’ve checked physical connections and supplies, right?” Nurse:  “No, but I can right now.” *checks* “Everything seems to be fine on that front” Me:  “Well ma’am, have you taken off your shirt before cursing at the device while flinging poo at it?” Nurse:  “I can’t imagine that would fix this issue.” Me:  “Sure it would lady, I do this every day. I am the professional here and you called me for help.” Nurse:  “But there’s client