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True Story© The Big Payoff pt VII

     Maybe I am the fucking idiot here… Look, Santa was a degenerate dope dealer who deserved to get robbed.  I don’t understand how I am the one wearing this series of asswhoopings for having had the nuts to be the one to set him straight.  All I know is that I had turned his negative into a positive and set about the task of making sure my family was straight, better than I could have as an IT Specialist or whatever else I might have happened upon to do for a legit living otherwise.      But the only thing that travels faster than bad news is, apparently, chlamydia which I’m to understand is ALSO bad news in its own right and actually has not a fucking thing to do with this story. So here I am, these Europeans got me by the short & curlies, but they actually NEED me to get what they want as well.  I could say no and they can’t kill me if they intend to get ahead.  They could say no and walk away from it all, then head back to the drawing board and find another way.  F

Time Capsule...

(where did my little one-toothed baby go?)      I wasn’t ready…      I wasn’t given a choice… You arrived as a surprise to your mother and I and we had to hit the ground running.   Took to it pretty easily, you made the process pretty easy over all, and the rookie in me thanks you for that.      If I’m selfish, though, I wanted you to be little forever.   I might have only mildly minded the diaper changing thing, but the 6 - 11 months time was magical.   In my mind, you were a perfect chubby little ball of tiny human and I didn’t want anything about you to change.  The house was a giggle factory, everything we did was completely adorable and I wanted NOTHING about it to change. Even if I knew that was asking entirely too much of the world. Today – well technically tonight – you’re seven.   We’ve been through a ton and have yet a ton to go through and I am a million percent with you every step of the way. Happy birthday, Ava!   Daddy loves you.