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So the story goes...

Does anyone care to know what I have been up to for the last 3.5 months or so? You clicked on the link to get you here, so I am only to assume that you're at least PARTIALLY interested in the goings-on in my world. I would give you more lead in on this, but that would take away from this meticulously documented time line I have constructed. 07/14/2009 - 9:37am Moms gets an email from her best friend about the group who had a program in place helping people get into houses. She knew where to find the information, since this group had sold the house next door to her. 07/27/2009 - sometime in the morning After looking at the website, then moving in with Granny on a temporary arrangement, I spend the weekend casing the houses they have available. I arrange them in my mind with "I want that," "I could go for that," "I would settle for that," and "hell no," but there were 2 on the site at the time that I could definitely see myself in. One being ri

Automotive phail, from the camera of Phlip

Those of you who read regularly or are on Zilvia have seen most of these already, I think... I will compile the automotive phails, as documented from my own camera/phones... Expect that these and more will be used in future automotive phail posts, all will be cumulative.

Swedish Automotive Pr0ns -- Koenigsegg CCX

When one thinks of "Swedish Automaker," they're most wise if their minds take them to Volvo or Saab, not anything that one would feel has ANY business in an "Automotive Pr0ns" drop, not in the very least. Enter Koenigsegg, with their 2006 baby, designed and destined to comply with US market bullshittery that has kept us just on the other side of availability of most of the cars featured here in Automotive Pr0ns. Powered by a just-for-Koenigsegg (as opposed to a modified Ford engine as previously employed) 4.7-liter, dry sump lubricated twin SUPERcharged engine, making 806 horses and 678 pound-feet of torque on that 91 octane swill that California is cursed with. Cool points come from the fact that the Targa top can be stored on board of the car when removed, so one is not captive to the elements should they want to tan their scalps one day. This comes "as if" anyone NEEDS extra cool points with an 800-horse half-million-dollar superduper car. Either wa