Wayback -- Update...

Posting live from the no fun zone...

I am to understand that some people have been reading my "wayback" series from this/last week, and may be looking with the thought that I am some kinda fuckin "hater" or whatever the kids are calling them these days.


If I said I downloaded it, assume it was a free download and blame it on Google, since a search got me to it.

If I said your favorite artist caught a brick, or put out some bullshit, or suggested that I was not going to even dignify their shit with a TRY, then trust that I did and will not.

Conversely, if I said I listened to and did not like it, then your safest inference is that I gave it 3 listens at least at my home computer and took notes while I did it, on the off chance I might need to specifically mention it here on the blog.

If I suggested that your favorite Jay-Z has caught a couple bricks this decade, it happened and that is HIS fault, not mine.

If I suggested that your favorite Kanye West was fudging, then it is an observation, not an opinion.

I am 30 years old, and therefore came up in a time where "southern" rap did not exist. I remember and -- as a well-spoken individual -- PREFER those days, so I am fully objective in my comparisons of NY, Midwest, West Coast and Down South rap.

It's all hip hop. If rapping, DJ'ing, graffiti, or breakdancing is taking place, it is hip hop. Because I don't like it does not give me the license to say "man, that ain't hip hop, that's rap."
Get that tampon out your culo and open your mind a little bit.

The lists, all 22 so far in the "wayback" series, are PURELY my opinion. As objective as I force myself to be, one NEEDS to stop and think about this for a moment. If ANYONE writes/blogs and claims that they've removed their opinion from it, close the tab in which you are viewing them and read something else.
No further lining needed.

Yes, 2009's post in the series is better than 3/4 complete.

No, it will not be posted a MOMENT before the last Tuesday in December.

No, don't ask.

Right now?
Sean Price - Kimbo Price... Been WAITING on this shit for WEEKS now, and now that I got it, I am waiting on Mic Tyson to come out.
"Awl dawg, awl day!"

Yes, I do work my "wayback" posts from a template.
4 lines between the lead-in and the word "January" and then 5 between each month. The first line is eaten by the post of that, 4 lines between the end and my lead-out. Strike-through is a joke each and every time you see it, so take it as such. "Phlip notes" are usually to point out less obvious jokes/ironies.

No, I do not have a life...
I am convinced that my job hates me, but my mortgage will not pay itself, so I show up and do the work that I am GOING to put forward, leave and come home.
I work on posts from the desk here and at the house as well... Shit happens.

"Welcome home Jamal 7 Mile" what the fuck did that mean?
Read here, comments included, and then understand it.

"Where the Wild Things Are"...
... is a good movie, when approached in the name of being a movie, and understanding the book we all read as children. Look, be an adult and remember the book and suspend disbelief like a child. Come into it expecting a direct port of the book and you're selling yourself bullshit wholesale.

Where'd this even come from?
A couple of people suggested this take place when I ran down the initial series and I shucked it, not willing to approach it... Again, asked to opine on my top 10 of the current decade, my response was that I could not narrow down... Compromise is born of necessity.
I can rundown the good/bad of the decade.
Posts were born, word to White Mel.
Know, however, that these posts eat up a lot of real estate in my mind and blog... If I should so happen to not post anything other than pictures of cars and planes, or random other silly shit for the remainder of October, don't put that shit on me.

Basketball season starting this week will NOT help one little bit. I been GEEKING for some roundball [pause...] since June.

Catch y'all this afternoon with a "first day of the basketball season" post.


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