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I. Don't. Fucking. Know.

     No, it wasn’t right… I was never an “easy” child.  I was born with a plot, a scheme to move toward where I want(ed) to be, even when I didn’t know where that was. but life… We left my dad when I was 11 years, 5 months and 14 days old.  Not that I am keeping score or nothing.      Soon thereafter – nah, long before that – I learned that making my way would be what worked for me.  Sure, I have realized late in life that I have a support system.  Sure, I have found my voice over the last few years.  What remains to be realized, though, is that there is very little that a 6 th -grader has left to know about the world.  And I was ill-prepared. Enter: “I don’t know”      The reality of the world is that no one knows everything.  To my parenting, though, this seemed to be an issue.  Fuck, when I don’t know I don’t know.  But instead of followup questions, I got hit with WHATEVER was convenient.      Well…  Fuck it, I can beat “I don’t know” better than I can g