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Fire your Congressman!

As Seen on The Intersection of Madness and Reality ... While some might be quick to cite the failures to right the ship that is America as all the more reasoning to get that ni-- ... uh, let’s not go there today... “Marxist” out of office this coming November, I happen to prescribe to a different line of thinking personally… Me? I am more of the opinion that a president is only as effective or as shitty as his Congress. If Congress stands behind and promotes his bad ideas into failure, or allow party lines to cause them to bristle at and hamstring the good ones, then Congress is JUST as much on the hook as is the president. I’m sure the question is being asked, then, where am I going with this? It’s really quite simple (and thank you for asking, by the way)... the “revolution” we need is not tied to any anarchist “chant down Babylon” or overthrow the government measures. Warren Buffett is quoted as saying "I could end the deficit in 5 minutes. You just pass a law that

"New Year, New Me"... I will help you prove it

Maybe I am a victim of the effectively lowered expectations as it relates to the every-January-ever influx of peoples’ sure-to-be-abandoned New Years Resolutions. Rather than entertain anyone’s promises of a better life for themselves, their health or their kids (jeeze, what kind of animal lies to their kids like that?!) I prefer to lend a cynical ear to their statements. “New year, new me!” on January 1 is categorically met with “funny, you still look like the same ignant ass from yesterday.” The en-masse pilgrimage to gyms the world over is generally followed by an equally epic exodus of them less than 100 days following… churches too! As with anything, I discussed this aesthetic with a good friend of mine this morning and the idea was tossed in to start a motivational company in which we publicly call out people on their resolution du jour ON THEIR FACEBOOK WALLS for all their friends to see, say every evening about 5ish. · “… read any of that bible