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So you mean to tell me...

That all it takes to kill one of these stupid-ass reality shows is for someone to be found dead? VH1 -- who has had WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better programming than MTV or B lack E mbarrassment T elevision for about 5 years by my count, word to the former ego trip magazine -- has been jumping the shark TERRIBLY for about 3 of those years now with this reality dating show nonsense. It has become so bad that the LOSERS of these shows are given their own shows. Then some wholly terrible shit like Ray J getting his own show happens, and I am willing to bet that he will milk another series out of this shit too. Personal feelings on coonin' aside, sometimes I find it hard NOT to watch these shows, occurrences of scantily clad women with large cans will do that to a heterosexual man. That is not what this blog is about, though. In one of the myriad of spinoffs of Flavor of Love , itself a sendup of The Bachelor , we find ourselves with a loser of not one but THREE VH1 shows; Rock of Love , Rock