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True Story©… The New-New Dating Game

       I don’t know how good y’all are with math but after splitting with my ex-wife someone I had a wedding with once, I became a single man.   Years removed from the old dating game (no pun intended) , I was not prepared for a world wherein “dating apps” were a thing.   I mean, sure I had heard of them in the time I was off the market but the concept of being on one was foreign to me. Foreign or no, they were a new reality that I had to learn to navigate and I gave it a go… … and struck out…      No need to dig into the gory details of things, just know that re-entering that world from where I had been was like someone returning from a prison bid (pun intended) .   You ever seen a dude come home from a few years in prison and not have a fucking clue on what the world had become while he was locked away?   He wants you to run him over to the Cingular store in the mall to get his Palm Treo reactivated and score a few Fubu outfits while you’re over there. It’s 2022 for 2 more days

True Story©… Dating Advice

       Not that anyone needed to know this, but I might have benefitted in my earlier days from some good dating advice.   One might say it was a small miracle that I escaped high school without my virginity. This story ain’t about that… Well, not directly.      See, I always have this thing where I am willing to expend a little effort to see people do well, even if that means they will do better than I am doing or have done.   With that in mind, I used the time I have had in the house over the past seven months helping men with the tools they might use to assist them in securing more and better women.      I hear you laughing, but these kids these days have it MADE.   They have the whole of the internet, cell phones – of which I did not have until age 21 – are standard now, and ON those phones cameras are unavoidable under nearly any stretch short of the kind you send a kid into a gas station counties away because you will be using it to sell crack.   They have dating sites whe

True Story©... A Million First Dates

     There are always times that people can be tested.  Apparently being a people watcher and all-around curmudgeon all of these years has made me pretty good at testing people for their commitment to what is important to me. Sure, there was the one time I messed that up, but we all slip here and there and it is best that we simply learn from it and get on with our lives. Anyway…      You know what is worse than a first date in general?  A BAD first date?  For every first date that ends in surprise sex that you didn’t have to ASK her for will be the one who has printed a list of terroristic demands that she has come up with with the assistance of her miserable friends who want to make sure she stays miserable with them. For every lunch date that turns into 3 hours chilling in the park, there is the one who complains about the restaurant and every other little thing she can come up to in her short-sighted-ass conversation. These are the ones you can’t WAIT to end. But wh

True Story© The Soundtrack to my Life

Music frames a great lot of what I do… Back when I first separated/divorced, I was (naturally) back on the dating scene and of course it was vastly different from what I remembered it as from five years prior. Long story short, these new girls were onto the bullshit that the generation ahead of them just had no clue of how to prepare for. As the world in the life of a hunter goes, though, one adapts to catch what you know how to hunt. “Phlip, what in the mad steamy assfuck does this have to do with music?” is what I hear the three (yep, new subscribers!) of you saying right now. Chill, I will get to that in a few minutes. I did the rounds… POF, OKC, and a couple of other sites that aren’t FOR dating but are reduced to about that much. I managed maybe two or three “out” dates, like where I drove and paid for a dinner, and SEVERAL “in” dates, which is “Netflix and chill” before stopping at Cookout for a tray and milkshake on the way back to the crib. Naturally, this s

"Chivalry vs. Recession"... a conversation

At some point during my upbringing with a mostly-absent pops, I was left to hearsay or observation of what could be construed as overly slightly matriarchal (read: woman-centric) standards of how dating works… A blog for another time would include how such an accepted approach to dating is what killed parity in relationships, and with it chivalry. Luckily, my two readers, this blog is not about that. One of the things, though, that I specifically recall reading, seeing or hearing time and time again before I ever went on my first date was that it was tacky and/or cheap for a dude to use a coupon on a date with a chick, especially the first date. Being that I am 31 years of age now, we can know that bit of information was received in the early to mid 90’s. Applying to the here and now, with major changes in how things are carried in general, what with the change in employment circumstances as it relates to men and women and not to forget the recession that Obama currently has us embroi