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Do you know what happened today in 1933? If you're like me and you love beer, then you do. Today marks the day that Prohibition ended in the United States of America . Recently, as in from the day after Fat Tuesday until this past Sunday (Easter), I gave up Beer for Lent, against the expectations of those who might want to think I am what they want me to be instead of allowing me to be who I am... Anyway, the utter silliness of Prohibition compared to the revenue it created/creates, compared to money made in a flourishing bootleg market that brought us what is now NASCAR racing, oddly enough was eventually brought to a close on this day. One would think this to be kind of a big deal, but apparently no surprise to Frank Yuengling -- the son of the "Son" in the D.G. Yuengling & Son -- who sent a truckload of his "Winner Beer" to FDR to enjoy in the White House. Noteworthy is that Yuengling beer took 3+ weeks to brew and age at the time, not to mention that it

March 9th... today in history

Here I am... Had a doctor's appointment this morning, $4.00 (yes, four dollars) in prescriptions medication and zero copay at the office later and now I am home with the rest of the day off... [ Phlip note - I guess all that complaining I did about the cost of my insurance was unnecessary after all] Apparently, today marks the anniversary of a large historical occurrence. Being the internets nerd and researcher that I am, I decided that I would take a break from looking at images of naked women in Feedly to look and research what historically has taken place on this day... [ Phlip note - that is a link, and if you use an RSS Feed Reader, you NEED that, same if you have an iPhone/Android device] It would happen that today marks the occurrences of literally thousands of things throughout history, I decided that I would have a crack at 19 items to share with you. And here we go... 1454 – Amerigo Vespucci , Italian explorer and cartographer, the discoverer for whom The Americas ar