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Phood Phun with Phlip - Curry Fish and Ginger Spicy Cabbage

An important thing about keeping your healthy meals interesting is being creative and keeping your options open as much as possible.  This is made difficult when one member of the team does not eat things that the other(s) do.  Noticing if you will the fact that you have not yet seen beef or pork on the blog; that is owed to the fact that I do not eat them.  Mimi does and she is partnered in on this for Tuesdays so if you want to see some red meat, the comments section and email inbox are open. For the main event, you will naturally need your protein, whiting (or any white fish) fillets from the store of your choosing.  We like to keep at least some of our money, so we go to Aldi where I'm from: For your curry sauce, you will need: 3/4cup coconut milk 2tbsp garlic 2tbsp Blue Mountain curry powder (don't play yourself, ONLY buy Blue Mountain) . Juice of ONE lime Salt/pepper to taste Mix everything together in the pot and bring to a gentle simm