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(**) Phlip -- 30 for 30

Double star bonus coverage this time, legendary people weren't supposed to die in the middle of my month, dammit. Sometime in the middle of March, I decided that in April I would set about the task of posting EVERY day for a solid month, just to see if I could pull it off. I'd have my go-to moves, what with talking sports and music, cooking a time or two if it comes to that and there is always crossing my fingers and hoping some shit pops off in the news. I used the birthday of a favorite musician of mine as well as my disdain for a purely American (and wholly fucking BORING) sport, as I have time and again. Anyway... Taking a cue, or just lifting the name from what has become one of my favorite documentary series of the past several years -- like since Ken Burns' Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson -- I went on a tear of 30 for 30; to get at least one post up every day for the 30 days of April. Simply put, I made great use of my drafts a

(30) The Colored Carpenter (sort of) Strikes Back

Keep in mind that this has been a project that has been months in the making... While I have been infinitely excited about getting it done the whole time, I am sometimes lazy and always busy with life. In such, I am only now completing the project. As it were, you will see mention of things that happened months ago over the course of this... Since the last desk and a few months (well, now 3 years) following. I have been kicking around the idea of doing something new as far as my workstation. In the old house, it would surely have been a corner workstation, as I was sitting in a corner to the right-hand side of the room with no interference from the heating/cooling vents. Since moving, however, I am working to my left and I do not have enough corner over here to be able to do a corner workstation, so my original plan was thus scrapped. Tears will be shed in its having been jettisoned. [ Phlip note - not really, but it was fun to type that] Anyway... Dicking around in my RSS

(29) Make me understand it

Just what in the hell are people trying to say these days? "Mute Point?" Are you suggesting that the point I am making is silent, like it has fallen upon deaf ears; or have you failed yourself in telling me my point was "moot," as in irrelevant? "Wishing you well" Newsflash: THERE IS NO D IN "CONGRATULATIONS"!!! Furthermore, it is spelled C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S. That is a 5-syllable word that is not terribly complicated to arrive to. Shortening it to "congrats" or "congrads" as it were is not serving you any one little bit, just learn to spell the damned word! "In Accordance With..." Another one that people seem to hide from in their refusal to learn to spell the damned word, defined by the above-quoted is "legitimate." L-E-G-I-T-I-M-A-T-E What I find laughable is the people who will NEVER be bothered to learn that, instead will tell you how everything is so "legit." "For Sure" Th

(28) Rules Changes

Ladies and gentlemen, I have taken on yet another full-time gig. Those that know me best know that I have only had 4 full-time jobs in the 12 years that I have been working full time, I will use this, my newest one as a supplement to my income and have a reason to spend time analyzing and looking over something I terribly enjoy. In such, I will not be quitting the old job, seeing as how the work that I will need to do most for the new one can be done from a computer during and/or after work. Keep in mind, now, that I did not apply for this job, I just decided that I wanted and went in and took it. Think somewhere along the lines of Fidel Castro in Cuba, Joseph Mobutu in Congo and George W. in 2000. I just walked in the fucking door and took the job and dare anyone effected by it to do something about it, care to try me? I will quit killing you talking AROUND what I will be doing, I am just going to tell you. ... right after I explain that the NBA is tore it's own ass

(27) Album review -- B.o.B. "The Adventures of Bobby Ray"

You know, I am gonna be honest here... I was totally not checking for this album coming into it, hence I am posting a review of it on the date of release, having typed up the review only 4 days prior. Anyone who knows me knows that I am quite adept at copping an album through the "screener's house" method; proper application of the use of my RSS subscriptions. That being said, I probably glossed over this a couple times before I finally said "fuck it" and enqueued the download into JDownloader , then forgot it for a day or two longer after it was downloaded and unpacked. Sue me. Anyoldmusicpirateway... I acknowledged the download of the album due to a text from someone who I am sure is not reading this right now -- even though he has been provided with a link to it -- and the catchy lead single. More on that when I get down to it... What we do know about this kid B.o.B. is that he was born somewhere here in the great state of NC, but calls Atlanta home, is signe

(26) Exclusionary tactics

Who is to discredit someone as being "not hip hop," simply because they don't like them? Invariably, you can find someone on the internet professing to their fanship of some obscure, undiscovered (or just-discovered) artist to latch onto, then talk about them as if they're the best thing ever invented, if only because they have heard of them and you have not... They will prattle on about how "fake" and "watered down" that "commercialized" music has become. Bonus points scored if you can get them to cop to once liking a current (or recently previously popular) artist, but it always comes with the qualifier "I liked him better when he was still underground," even if that artist never even pretended to be "underground," whatever that may mean in the grand scheme of things. There is always the underground/mainstream argument -- which is fucking stupid -- when music of any genre is concerned. Being that I spend my time arou

(25) Dutch Automotive Pr0ns -- Donkervoort D8

You know, there are a lot of things to be known about the Netherlands, and not My Nether Regions , as none of you were invited to be there. We know about the whole weed is legal thing, and we know about the Royale with Cheese . We know about Red Light Districts and we MIGHT know about Goldmember. [ Phlip note - oh wait, he was from Holland, wasn't he? Wait, is there even a fucking difference? I REALLY need to work on what I am willing to accept that I know about the world, gleaned from movies, don't I?] Anyway... Gearheads know that the Lotus Seven was another copied and kit-car'd piece from the Parthenon of automobiledom, it seems that Lotus was all about getting shit abso-fucking lutely RIGHT for quite a while before damn near going belly up, then getting in bed with Isuzu and General Motors, but that is another blog for another time, should I so choose to go there. Back to the Dutch... Netherlands-based automobile company Donkervoort has made a 1978-now company career