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Wanna see some shit that was just uncalled for?

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THAT shit was uncalled for...
If the video did not imbed properly (I'm at work right now), what Billy Payne said was...

"Finally, we are not unaware of the significance of this week to a very special player, Tiger Woods. A man who in a brief 13 years clearly and emphatically proclaimed and proved his game to be worthy of the likes of Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. As he ascended in our rankings of the world's great golfers, he became an example to our kids that success is directly attributable to hard work and effort.

But as he now says himself, he forgot in the process to remember that with fame and fortune comes responsibility, not invisibility. It is not simply the degree of his conduct that is so egregious here; it is the fact that he disappointed all of us, and more importantly, our kids and our grand kids. Our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role model we saw for our children.

Is there a way forward? I hope yes. I think yes. But certainly his future will never again be measured only by his performance against par; but measured by the sincerity of his efforts to change. I hope he now realizes that every kid he passes on the course wants his swing, but would settle for his smile.

I hope he can come to understand that life's greatest rewards are reserved for those who bring joy to the lives of other people. We at Augusta hope and pray that our great champion will begin his new life here tomorrow in a positive, hopeful and constructive manner, but this time, with a significant difference from the past. This year, it will not be just for him, but for all of us, who believe in second chances."

Sometimes, there is a part of me that sits around and wishes that a black dude in a position as such just NEVER fucked up, even if their non-black counterparts are fucking up wholesale. It seems that every time it happens, we all have to hear about it.

In the NFL, we have seen the entire Chris Henry and Pacman Jones crime sprees, the Ray Lewis murder trial, the Mike Vick saga and Ben Roofies-burger and his incessant alleged offsides penalties, and plenty more. At no point has Roger Goodell come out and just gone the fuck in on any of them, and he would be/is justified for at least 3.
We have seen Gilbert Arenas, Kobe Bryant and whomever else in the NBA and at no point did David Stern just go the fuck in on them.
Why, then would this old fucker be going in on the best thing he has smoking in his tournament. Tiger COULD say "fuck you, I ain't playing" or could have DENIED THE FUCKING INVITATION. Right, to invite someone to my house and then go the fuck in on them is a dick move right up there with the biggest of them. The fact of the matter remains that he NEEDS Tiger at his tournament for ad money as much as Tiger needs to be there for image repair. Another fact is that he needs Tiger more than Tiger needs him, as long as Tiger still has his career winnings and Nike.

It's not like golfers have historically been the most moral motherfuckers anyway. No, not with spouse jumping, alcoholism, DUI charges and lord knows what more that I just won't look into right now.

John Daly is in and out of jail (one time from a Hooters in Winston-Salem, NC) and alcohol treatment programs so much, I am surprised that the tour hasn't gotten a call from Dr. Drew to get the man on VH1.

Bill Clinton required surgery to fix his knee in a fall in Greg Norman's home in the dark of the witching hours. Alcohol was alleged to have been involved at the time This also causes me to question just what in the fuck secret service actually does.

Dustin Johnson's DUI arrest JUST one year ago, anyone?

Recently, a golfer's son was found dead in his dorm due to alcohol and drugs. No one questioned it or even mentioned it. Sure, at 21 the alcohol was legal -- pending the rules of his university -- but the drugs?

There have and will be plenty more, and given that I have seen with mine own eyes copious amounts of beer being consumed on the golf course during recreation time in the sun, God knows what happens when they're back out in the world.
Here, we have Tiger Woods, whose only laws broken have been traffic -- and even to that ends he was not CHARGED with anything -- is being treated as the pariah here. Like he is the fall guy for all the sophomoric shit that apparently happens on the tour and is never addressed. And why would they, what when professional athletes in other sports are doing stuff that is making the news?

To me, it seems that Tiger's most major mistake is the color of his skin, the only thing that sets him apart from everyone on the tour, except for that Terrorist-named Fellow Vijay Singh.
"Oh shit, did he go there?"
You damn right I did... In a sport that specifically and legally excluded back up until after even I was born in 1979, and still includes and embraces the same venues and individuals who allowed the prior shit to continue, I will NOT believe that this backlash from inside of golf -- and now with a golden pass, the media -- is in no way related to race.
People cheat on their wives all the time. Shit, sometimes the wife is fine with it, provided no one brings any children or VD home, so long as the house is held down... Shit, my granny even told me that shit recently.
To his own credit, Tiger has never attempted the "I'm a good standup dude" card once. He has been berated into cowering into "I fucked the fuck up" empty apologies to no one in particular here. The fact remains, though, when he was COMPLETELY on the low (no homeaux that I know of, but the way people are coming out of the woodwork, I wouldn't act surprised) and out of the public eye. He played the PR machine and went into "sex rehab" proactively, maintaining the privacy of his wife and children as best as he could in a predatory paparazzo media which we now live through.
Notice who we have NOT seen in any of all of this?
Right, Elin... What do we know of her opinion of all of this? Do we know that she did NOT know of Tiger's jumpoffs? Do we know that she was not once one of them, as I have once opined that she absolutely was? Do we know that she wasn't out after some strange at some point herself, maybe even some raunchy 3-way action?
Hell, even Vanessa stayed next to Kobe and he WAS alleged to have done something at the time...

By my count, here, the ONLY thing Tiger admits to (operative term, here since we don't know how "open" their marriage is, considering I have NEVER even heard her voice) is having cheated on his wife. The only thing wrong he has ACTUALLY done, here is the incessant apologizing to save his image.

[Phlip note - when the irresponsible media is trying to make you look like a pedo as well, your image might need all the help it can get]

That, in my heart of hearts, means that he is playing their puppet so they can allow him to continue to collect their moneys like any good whore would, and apparently he knows a bit about good whores. I can't say that I wouldn't do the shit myself when someone dangled millions in my face.
Friends and I always joked "anyone, male or female, who tells you they wouldn't suck a dick for a million dollars either already has a couple or few million, or has not been offered a million to suck a dick... yet."
But that is beside the point, though, don't judge me.

In other sports, players have done shit that cost teammates, spouses/baby mamas, regular civilians and even themselves their lives/livelihoods, and NEVER was the talk from their respective as divisive as Billy Payne's, and that bothers me. Fuck, if it feels like I am "playing the race card," then feel free to call it that as your employed method of derailment...
Tiger's major gaffe, amid a fraternity where golfers STAY in some shit, usually just the same involving adultery, but often drink and drugs, sometimes ON tour, and in one aforementioned case an uninvestigated major injury to a sitting president goes over, right? But let one dude go out into the world and within what is actually legal gets a whole bunch of strange ass from women he has not married, while having the NERVE to be black and he is the fucking boogie man?

Mark it down, at age 30, I have now seen it all...

What Payne's rant SOUNDED like to me, once I ran the "wah wah wah" through FoxLingo (a FireFox add on you need, BTW), it came out to me as...

"Here we have Tiger Woods, who is doing the same as any of the rest of us, except he doesn't drink or do drugs and isn't a generally aging, overweight balding blithering fuck. We opened our arms, while those before us rolled over in their graves, and allowed him into a gentlemen's game as a non-gentlemen if you smell what I'm stepping in. How darest that n****r overstep the boundaries that we allowed him? That fucking black ingrate! What in the hell makes him think he can do the same, or even similar to any of the rest of us, he isn't even ONE of us?"

It's just that on the whole, his rant comes across with the tone of that part of Roots where they were whooping LeVar Burton into accepting "Toby," you know "He gave you a name... It's a nice name!" kinda thing, talking as if Tiger somehow spit in someone's face or some shit.
I think it is result of remaining resentment for his now-deceased father who was quite a bit "blacker," figuratively speaking, than Tiger and kinda bullied his boy into the system, where incessant practice made him legitimately better than those who before him really didn't have to bother, thus beating them at their own game, so to speak. The same can be said for the Williams sisters' father.
The joker in me, though, couldn't help but draw a parallel to Three 6 mafia winning a Grammy and actually performing on the show. Furthermore, my mind drifted into one of those "guess who's coming to dinner" situations where I go out to a 60-75 dollar a plate establishment and demand a 40 of Olde English or a handle of Richard's Wine and raise all kinds of hell until the Maitre d' goes and fucking gets it... Whether or not I actually finish drinking it is a point of hilarity that could fall one way or another, depending on whether I finish it and how fast.

Anyway... There comes a time where we should ask, and honestly answer "Are we actually mad at Tiger Woods for anything here, and if so why specifically?"
I know I am only mad at him for bitching up and offering another "yes, massa" apology every 17 seconds to no one in particular and everyone all at the same time, even letting Nike make him the whipping boy to his deceased father in a commercial. One apology was necessary, and that was to his wife and only then if she felt needed one. But we've not spoken to her, have we?

What I do know, though, is that Billy Payne's language where he is clearly taking Tiger to task, but then speaks of second chances shows me that he clearly misses the point of what a second chance actually is.


Kousen Tora said…
My dream scenario is this: Tiger comes back, beats the living piss outta them white boys at the Massa's, then once he gets the jacket and does the press conference, it goes like this:

*Tiger Woods Mode Activate* "First I would like to thank you all for coming. *Tiger Woods Nigga Mode Activate* Eff all y'all cracka ass crackas!!! I beat y'all again and now I'm retiring. Kiss my ass!!"

*Tiger Woods Nigga Mode Deactivate*

But that's just me.

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