(22) Teabaggin'

You know what?

Rarely does it happen where we can take one word, apply different meanings, and end up to the same ends.
The topic of today's discussion is teabagging, both of the accepted definitions of it, and why they BOTH serve to it that you should be surgically careful when vetting potential white friends.

Not to tell you any more than you need to know about me, but I am a bit of a drinker. That being said, I have, since age 19, been intoxicated in an utter deluge of situations, with people from all races and walks of life.
That understood, though, I was always MOST wary of becoming fallout drunk in the presence of white people, especially in groups. The reason for this is a phenomenon known as teabagging. Google that if you don't know what that is, but I warn to use the urbandictionary result and DO NOT do an image search if you don't want the filters at your job to go apreshit.
With that in mind, there was always an underlying reason to avoid having white friends if you didn't want some teh ghey shit to take place to the point where you might have to kill a motherfucker in the face head and neck region as soon as sobriety has been regained. Family members die if any photos exist of the exchange.
That being said, I have never been a victim of Arabian Goggles (<--- don't Google that either) due to knowing better than to get fallout drunk around white people. Things going in cycles, though, we've come to find that terms are to be co-opted and redefined. Once upon a time, teabagging meant that one was making themselves a fresh tasty beverage. Next, it became a sophomoric frat-bro prank for which no jury would convict you for killing the perpetrator. But now? It serves as an excuse to spew bullshit at a black president under the guise of "taking back the country," there is a whole teabagger movement now, rallies and all. Now, I have never witnessed one of these rallies in person but I know they exist. I am more than fine with keeping my own safe distance from anyone screaming bloody murder to impeach a president who has done nothing illegal. Same to be said for a group of people who can't see the forest for the trees. Now, I am not huge on politics, but it doesn't strike me as terribly offensive anything that has been done to this point, I mean no one I know makes 250k (or is it 150? either way) a year yet (that I know of), so no one in my circle is bitching about now being made to pay their fair share of taxes. Either way, the usually otherwise baseless vitriol lobbed at the current administration is sure to attract those who may not give much of a damn about politics either, but damn sure can't be too pleased about there being a nig--... um, unqualified non-gentleman in office, and will join whatever movement they can come up with to get him out of it, no matter how asinine. Need more people? Change up the reasoning just a little bit to conform to what might get them to come out. Remember that there is strength in numbers...

One consistency, if I am to take the images I see on the internets, is that there are very few black people doing this new-school teabagging... Slave catchers like Michael Steele notwithstanding, of course.

See there?
Two good, and totally unrelated reasons why teabagging is among the reasons you should probably think long and hard (heh heh heh, long and hard... that's what SHE said) about having white friends. Well, not to avoid at all, but to make sure you're not giving too much of your time to one of these whackos.


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