(11) What are we mad at again?

You know what? I am not at all angered by "negro" being on the census form that The Katie filled and returned for us.
I am actually more "okay" with that than I happen to be with "African American," because "negro" is Latin and Spanish, and relatable in damn near every other Latin-Based (think: most of the European ones, and the one you're reading now unless through a translator or are skimming for pretty pics of cars) language, with the exception of English.

See, I have NEVER been to Africa. As presented, I have no designs on ever even going, at least not until someone does something about the issues presenting it as difficult to live in, thus making it hard to even WANT to visit. You don't plan to visit somewhere that is largely uninhabitable to even those forced to try to inhabit it unless you're there to try to change shit. I am an American. My parents, their parents and THEIR parents were all born in America. None of them, to the best of my knowledge, ever went further out of America than my granddad's tours of Korea ending 12 months before my mother was born.
The majority of dark-skinnded Americans haven't been "African Americans" since we were 3/5 human beings, save for those who happen to be students or immigrants these days.
[Phlip note - no French accent/B.O. jokes this time, we have better taste than that here at The Musings of a Madman]

Anyway, I will continue to contend that "negro" on the census form is not only an accurate word as employed, but also much less offensive than "colored" on my mother's birth certificate (hi mommy!). I would sooner argue for the removal of "African American" unless someone petitions for the argument that an altogether separate space be made, mandating explanation of where on the dark continent you were born.
I will continue to contend that I am not directly FROM Africa, nor do I desire to go there, at least until the version of HIV/AIDS they're handing out over there is the Magic Johnson version of it, which I am to understand that you do not get until you're $20mil plus heavy... In such, I will contend that I am not "African American," by specific qualification using criteria set by me as I type this post.

Call me black, call me negro, call me brown...
Just make note that I happen to be an American, and DON'T call me a nigger if you don't want to know what Rihanna's face felt like on a specific night in history last February that Chris Brown seems to not be able to remember at his lawyers' behest. I understand there could come the "well, negro, nigger/nigga, what's the difference?" side of this. Just know THAT small a difference can make a difference between an ass kicked and indifference. One has a documented etymology, use that one and that one only. It is understandable (to me at least), just don't cross that line.

I think, or at least hope, you get it... "negro" has its place on the census form next to "black," and is more applicable than "African American" in my fucked the fuck up mind... Reasons presented for such an opinion can be found above.
Just sayin'.


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