(14) Liking that which is hard to like


Speaking of Lil Wayne...

Well, no we weren't, but guess where this is going?

Anyways, we know the serial paternalizer is locked away for what is slated to be a year in the pokey. We're not here to talk about that either, though. Well, not necessarily, though it might come up.

While it might be easy to hate ON the little tattooed gremlin-looking fellow, it requires a little more effort and perhaps a bit of pretense to actually hate him when time is taken to separate real life from entertainment.
What some of us may not know is that Vh1 does have a couple series worth watching other than reality TV shows, which is in itself only barely worth watching sometimes.

[Phlip note - but damned if many of us can look away... Don't judge me]

Back around his birthday, he was profiled on Vh1's Behind The Music, which you should probably seek to watch if you've not seen it yet. My sister happens to be one of the most fickle and stubborn people I know -- yes, it runs in the family -- and even she came away from it with some semblance of respect retained, even if his music is not to her taste.
It seems, though, that the boy's only real problem in spite of, but still similar to others before him, having been a child star is drugs... We know he is a syrup head, and the weed seems to be what attracted the attention to his camp for each of these gun charges as it is. As explained by him, it is really none of our collective business what is in his cup or what he does to his body. To a point, I understand and agree with this, so long as he can support his own habit. My issue is not with "heads" of any particular vice so much as I take issue with indigent ones. Drink until your liver fails, but I will be DAMNED if I can cosign if you need to stand outside the store asking for a dollar when I go to get mine that I worked 8 hours today for.
Funny, though... Watching the show and hearing him talk, he is surprisingly well-spoken, and quite cognizant of the fact that he is an entertainer professionally. Sure, where and how he was raised has a major amount of his acting, to use a word I don't often, like a nigga. He knows that too. Here, we have a dude who KNOWS his life and line of employment is in a minstrel show. Instead of being one of these other idiots who become consumed by it, he directs his own, quite lucratively at that.

Again, feel free to hate on him. Sure, the man has a lot of kids.
Not to let you in on any more than you need to know about me, but I intensely dislike the way condoms feel, so I can level with him in that regard. Luckily for me, I have no children to show for it. Statistics have shown that I am in the majority and that they were fucking lying to me in school. That being said, however, Wayne has quite a few children. Wayne is also filthy stinking fucking rich, which would lead me to believe in my heart of hearts that no matter how much sex I have had in my life, he probably has more than that in a month or three. Well, that and the fact that I used them against my preferences to the contrary until I was settled in with one person, but the endeavors of my lower horn is not the topic of this blog, so leave that back there. Again, mathematically speaking, for me to not have any kids, that 4% failure rate when not using a condom has to come from SOMEWHERE. Lucky for all of us that it is him and not me.
I say that to say this... Sure, we know the boy has a bunch of kids by random broads and a couple of famous ones as well. How many times have we EVER heard of anyone taking him to child support court? How many times have we EVER heard of him NOT taking care of his kids? Having many children by different people does not make one a bad parent. Sexually irresponsible, perhaps, but not necessarily a bad parent... Being a bad parent makes one a bad parent. Even from jail, he has and is raking enough residual income on his work to provide for his families, including commissary weed carriers.

It is easy to dislike the boy for the example he sets for young men, including my own nephews and yours. We would be justified in doing so. For those blindly grabbing at straws to sit on a soapbox of self righteousness, this is the one you should probably be grabbing.
[Phlip note - to channel the spirit of Stephen A Smith]
Remember, this being the minstrel show that it is, who is the culpable party for creating the audience that this shit requires? If it wasn't entertaining to someone, eventually it would dry up and go away, no? I am not all the way sure I can take anyone to task for making huge money playing a character on television or the radio with that kind of money on the line. It is no different than the legions of black women who hated Dolph Lundgren for killing Apollo Creed in that Rocky movie, or Jaleel White playing Urkel. Different toilet, same shit.
Lil Wayne is the character that Dwayne Carter plays. Dwayne Carter, in his reaping of the benefits of the Lil Wayne show, however, does happen to have some rather tragic personal issues. Such would be the spoils of the boy's exploits. I would be inclined to say he needs Jeebus, but I might piss some people off in doing so.
At the end of it all, it is fine to not be a fan of the energy he puts out into the world, even in the name of entertainment, but it is at least worth considering WHY people hate on him.

As it were, however, I am more than fine with taking in whatever it is I may so happen to find enjoyable of this whole situation without over-analyzing or making it out to be any more than it should be.
Separation of what I deem entertainment from that which actually matters.


Tony Grands™ said…
That was very well written, mayne.

He'd be impressed, of not slightly honored by that. Even for a gremlin. I mean martian. Or is it goblin?

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