(9) Danish(?!!?) Automotive Prons -- Zenovo ST1

What I do know is that Zenovo is a Danish automaker, specializing in supercars...
What I do know is that at some point, likely while I was drunk, I saw the car you will be seeing today and typed it's name in a blog draft to come back to when sober...
What I do know is that this car sports a 7.0 liter V8 engine with a supercharger AND a turbocharger and makes 1100 horses as a result. Overkill much? Not when they only made like 15 of them and sold them for some still undisclosed, but wholly ridiculous amount of money.

The secrecy under which this car comes is the catalyst for intrigue, and lord knows I am feeling it. Because of the exclusivity, not as many pictures as you're accustomed to in these blogs exists, but I am presenting what I have, and trust that all known and pertinent information is as presented above.

Picture time, and I apologize for any duplicates, I am feeling lazy today...


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