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(I'm the one in the diaper with the beard) When he worked third shift, he would get home from work right about the time we’d be waking up.  We were often in the house – even outside of the few months we lived there – so we were there when he came in on Saturday morning.  We’d wake up and take us to this tiny greasy-spoon diner around the corner.  They always knew what he wanted before he asked. The place closed sometime before I was old enough to take HIM to breakfast there.  I hate I never had the chance. It is a fish place now, but I still have warm flashbacks every time I am in the building. Often in my school years, especially in 4 th and 5 th grades, we would be in class about to go to lunch.  “Phillip, your granddad is here.”  He would sit and eat with us and our friends and generally be the coolest old man in the building.  Furthermore, he would bring us all happy meals.  Never once do I recall TELLING him how many people I normally sat with at lunch, I am guess

Hotep Proposals

     We’ve gone on about the need for the strong Black family unit capitalizing on the fact that potential queens outnumber available kings by a wide margin.  No need to present any figures on that one, just believe it. Or research it yourself and come back here when you’re ready.      Heck, we even wrote a beautiful  poem  about it one time. But the question seems to remain for some reason, “how?” We’ve decided that today will be the day we focus on the answer to that question.      First thing’s first… You have to find the first one and work from there.  Meet her wherever you meet women.  The mall,  Wal Mart  Target, HBCU Homecomings, churches, WHEREVER. That’s the easy part.  The hard part, now is getting her on board with your vision.  You’re going to have to sell her some dreams.  “Dreams,” as things so happen to be, are pretty much standard.  The house and kids things are a good place to start. Once she is in the fold, the task of getting more qu

What is Love?

(sorry, I HAD to do it)      For all we think we know about love, the real fact of the matter is that we really don’t know shit. Ask 50 people the question “what is love?” and you will get 47 answers. Sure, there is a textbook definition: But really, what does all of that tell us?  We have a biblical edict to love one another, but I am have been through my bible time again and have yet to find the words on exactly HOW to do so. Please note, I am taking nothing from my bible as I find nothing anywhere else specifically telling me this either. We find ourselves left to learning everything we know about love from those who love/loved us… My pops: I don’t know I am willing to call this love.  Sure I know him, but do I?  So little was contributed, so little was available that his mother did most of the things that he should have been doing for us.  To him and to everyone he should have been making moves for, his love was for himself. Shit, if this lottery ticket i

Hotep Luv... A Poem for Her (and her and her too)

You and me girl, we’ll be the next big thing. Plus her and her too, you can all be my queens. You cook, she cleans and the other can twerk. I’ll wait home patiently for you all to get home from work. Loyal sex is safe sex, you’re my only lovers. With only us four, we won’t need these rubbers. Join in this royalty and give me your loyalty. One king and three queens, you all can come spoil me. One household, three incomes, legacy is gold. We’ve all tried and failed with others and that shit just got old. Outsiders will hate our life, they’ll just never get it. The beautiful black family, they don’t want to be with it. When it comes time for the kids, our beautiful brown babies. I want them all at once, no ifs ands or maybes. I cannot legally marry you and give you all three rings. Well baby we ain’t Mormon and the laws are a thing. Besides who wants to take it there?  Lawyers and papers and such. And then comes the government and that’s jus

True Story© Special Coverage... A Valentime's Day Massacre

The year was 1994, you were in high school... Your HS crush was someone you saw every day, spoke to every time you saw her, held doors and did cutesy little things for.  You thought nothing of it, but you did it.  When you secured transportation arrangements, she hit you with the “I’ll think about it,” or the “I don’t know, I be busy” or worst yet, the “well I have a boyfriend that goes to [another school]” fib… That’s right, she curved you. It is now February of 2017… She had a baby by that ‘boyfriend that goes to [another school]’ soon after high school and life has been WILD difficult, like so difficult that she gave that loser and two more after him a chance.  Now Valentime’s is approaching and she is single.  Attractive, but single and miserable for it.  By some stroke of luck, you happen to be between relationships at the moment as well and had no real plans for the 14 th and take up the task of responding to her lamentations on social media.  For the balance

True Story© Love at First Sight

True Story©…                 Do y’all believe in love at first sight? I used to. Like with about any situation one finds themselves soured on, my story begins with me in an unhealthy set of circumstances that didn’t end pretty and birthed a lack of trust in the process that would happen to endure through to the remainder of my adulthood. I might be so inclined to be angry at what happened, but I am largely to blame for it and I learned a lesson from it, so there is not a lot for me to be angered about…  I’m alive to tell the story, so at least there’s that. Enough of the setup, let’s talk about what happened… Back when I first got home from Vietnam, before I found myself in Guantanamo later in life, I happened to see this young lady waiting for the GTA one day on my way to work. Wait, I have something else to explain…  The way my situation at the time was, I had a license but not a car yet so I caught the bus to work and either got a ride or a car dropped off to me to get